Saturday, October 31, 2020

Day 10: Ten Days of Grastefulness


1. Grateful always and forever for selfies and kids who will take a moment to snap a photo of the sweet hubby and me.

2. Grateful the hubby will wear matching t shirts with me. He has always indulged my whims. 

3. Grateful to Betsy and her hubby George who get to travel to their favorite places and always wear matching t shirts or sweatshirts. They inspired me and Avery went along with me for the ride! They are good memories we will always treasure along with good friends who inspire you.

4. Grateful for Dan, a friend of the kids. We treasure his friendship too. He is into astronomy. So tonight, with the full moon, he brought his telescope over. I am here to tell you, seeing the moon, up close and personal, it is just unexplainable. Saturn was cool too, with its ring and Mars was really a tiny red dot. But those planets and stars and the moon and sun, they are amazing creations from an amazing awesome God. I am grateful for all they are

5. Grateful for warm days and cooler nights. Today was a perfect day to get things organized. Makes a person feel accomplished when each thing you have has it's own place. 

6. Grateful for our chiropractor. He is a great person with a good personality and without him, we would be limping and whining and crying in pain. He is a good grateful in our wellness journey.

7. Grateful that we should be able to fix our Kia in the next few months. It is a good car and I like to have it to run errands and do our drive up banking.

8. Grateful for an Addams Family TV marathon. One of our favorite TV programs. So incredibly silly, it makes you feel good. 

9.Grateful I found some really cool hard shell storage containers for my Princess House dinnerware. I am hoping to get more of them because I treasure my PH pieces. They were made at a time when pride was first and foremost in making good quality products. I have several different sets with lots of serving pieces too.

10. Grateful each day I live, I am more grateful then the day before. I use to grumble about getting older and somedays I still do. But I am at an age where I know truly what is right and wrong and what to expect from my sweet hubby. I am saddened when I see younger people just give up on their marriages or phamilies because it is hard work. We all go through rough times and rocky roads in life. I am grateful every single day I open my eyes and try to find the best in each day. 

  These words make perfect sense to me. I am very blessed. I have so much to be grateful for. I know how hard struggling is to make ends meet. So when we have better times I am  thankful for those times. I never take anything for granted because you never know when it can be gone, like the snap of your fingers. I hope you enjoyed this with me. Since a new month is looming just a few hours away, I am going to try to add something to be grateful for everyday in November.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Day 9 Ten Days of Gratefulness

 1. Grateful for a beautiful day filled with sunshine. It was a nice change from the cold temps we have had,

2. Grateful my Sleepy Tea and Mint Sleepy Tea. It is always our favorite to mix the two together before bedtime.

3. Grateful anytime my teacup is filled with herbal tea but also honey and lemon. My  friend Marilyn, a wonderful blogger who passed away before her only grandson  Oliver was born, gave me that mug. It is so special to me and I will always treasure it. 

4. I know I put my photos in the wrong order but I am grateful I spent a great deal of time with this little doll today. Her daddy is off W-Th-F so Harrison came to be my helped while daddy took mom to work with this baby girl. Colton came back and spent the day with us. It was very nice.

5. Grateful this handsome child still likes to spend time with me. He was the cookie maker. Witch hats equal four ingredients. Keebler striped  cookies, frosting, yellow and red food coloring to create orange frosting, and Hersheys kisses. He was perfecting the frosting on the kiss.


6. 5 drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of red makes orange. Frosting makes  good witch hat helpers.

7. These are the product of a four year old cookie maker. Harrison is quite patient and his only fault is he does like to eat some of the ingredients.


8. Grateful for traditions to create some fun at the holidays . These are good witch hats no bad witches allowed.  WE made these in previous years too. 

9. Grateful for blessings. My cousin Mary shared this at social media. Oh how wonderful the world would be if no one held a grudge or hated.

10. Grateful always for humor, which is a glue of sorts, holding together pieces of us as we travel through troubled waters or climb uphill battles. There is a person at Indian Hills here in Colorado that thinks up these great humorous sayings.  I hope they made you smile today. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Day 8 Ten Days of Gratefulness and more

 1. Grateful for my new heating pad. It snaps around the front so it covers your entire shoulder are and ties on the front to cover your low back. It feels wonderful...sigh!

2. Grateful the sun came up and the temps are climbing. I was able to do a few outdoor chores and cleaning our tiny garden area.

3. Grateful the hubby still gets lunch everyday and brought half a sandwich with chips home last night. I had a nice lunch. 

4. Grateful we are who we are. I read so many things about so called important celebs and dignitaries. Would not trade my life to be like them. I like my simplicity best of all.

5. Grateful I have some easy recipes to test. I follow a gal from NYC who is a professional recipe developer. She shares lots of good stuff.

6. Grateful to know most everyone I keep in contact with is happy and staying healthy.

7. Grateful my Vitamin C with Rose Hips arrived today. They are chewable and quick to take.

8. Grateful I keep learning at least one new thing each day. Did you know there was a full moon at the beginning of the month and will be another one at the end of this month? It happens every 19-20 years.

9. Grateful I can see Amanda this weekend. She is my acupuncturist. It has been too long.

10. Grateful we have flex dollars right now to help offset the expenses that insurance won't cover. They would like you to remain healthy (so they say) yet they refuse to cover so many natural remedies.

TBT - it's Jeremy. He was always such a happy baby. His two boys are too. Brody is very kind and has a good heart, Blake is a happy explosion! He is all over the place, having learned to master the art of walking and running into mischief. Thank you Martha for hosting. 

I have loved this characters since I was a kid. They are timeless and priceless too. Nothing beats the Peanuts Gang. Do you have plans for Halloween? Relatives in Ohio took their three kids trick or treating today.  They must  have a neighborhood party. Schools use to do the truck or treat. I think it is sad. We will get treats for the grands and greats but we have always had such a nice crowd of little ones. I am not sure anyone will be out and about this year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Day 7 " Ten Days of Gratefulness Post


1, Grateful that Baseball has been part of my whole life. I pray next season, if they have one, they will get back on track and stick to what they are good at: BASEBALL!


Grateful for Colton stopping by with baby girl. This photo of him and Harrison was before their move back to their old house. 


Grateful this tiny girl stopped by. She took her photo with these super comfy pillows my SIL Lucy gave us at CHRISTmas. I love her stocking cap. It is still cold out there. forty Eight will be our high temp today. 

4. Grateful all the little ones are healthy and the adults too. With exception for sniffles and allergies and coughs from the fire. Our doctor says she diagnoses more people with coughing from these brutal fires. I am praying they will go away with the cold weather. 

5. Grateful for Stephanie who sent the sweetest message. They were close to one of the fires and ready to evacuate. Grateful they were not forced to leave their home. Sadness and many prayers for those who were not as fortunate.

6. Grateful for warm socks. I have such cold feet in the wintertime. I always have soft fuzzy socks to wear around the house. They are a sweet little blessing.

7. Grateful to be getting some new snow boots. There was a time I loved all the little bows and sweet styles. Now I like good old fashioned comfort. It is all about staying warm in the cold months and keeping the feet warm and dry.

8. Grateful for knit caps and gloves and soft scarves. Last year my friend Anna gave me the prettiest cashmere soft scarf. I keep it safely tucked away from the wintertime with a bar of fresh cedar.

9. Grateful for all the extra cooking we did last weekend. Eating all the yummy leftovers makes me happy.

10. Grateful to pray for all folks less fortunate who have no where to go in the cold weather. It hurts my heart to think anyone would be left out in the cold. There needs to budgeting to make sure people can be warm who are homeless. I am sorry, I think there is so much frivolous spending.  Many older building downtown could be utilized for housing and training people who have no where to go. 

This is the Vail Hotel in my hometown of Pueblo, CO. It was built in 1910 and named for a prominent newspaperman John Vail. It was considered one of the finest hotels West of Chicago. It fell into ruin but was revitalized and is in use for the elderly and disabled today. I think buildings like this would make fine housing for people displaced by life in general.  I know many cities have such buildings. 

I love hearing about stories that involve people helping others. We often see that kindness spread during hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters.


I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day. Come join the postcard exchange/giveaway.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Day 6 Ten Days of Gratefulness

 This is Layla. I am going to tell you her story in my grateful post here:

1. Grateful that our daughter Noelle and her hubby Roger adopted Layla. She was a pure bred boxer. She was  so silly and funny and everyone loved her.

2. Grateful that when someone doesn't love a pup anymore, there is someone out there who will love them and cherish them. Because dogs and cats too, deserve the best of love and care!

3. Grateful for dogs with sweet personalities. I think boxer's look sad but it is their facial features not their personality Layla was so loved by Noelle and Roger and Colton. She came to them in 2009. She left them sadly June 14, 2018, a short illness that took her away so suddenly.

4. Grateful that Trek, who was very anti-social to other dogs, A D O R E D Layla! He was her protector. I must say, it was quite sad that he left us too soon also. I am always going to believe, he died from a broken heart. He adored this girl and he left us August 14, 2019, 14 months after the loss of Layla and ten days after our loss of Alastor Avery. You think 2020 is tough, we nearly lost our sanity in 2019. It was not a good year for this clan of caring phamily individuals. So 2020, you do not scare me. I have lived through hell on earth!

5. Grateful that these two were so smart! Once and a while, they would escape their yard, two houses away from us! They were smart. They sat on our front porch until I hurried the other dogs out into the backyard so they could come in. They sat like good little soldiers on the sofa until their mom or dad or Colton came for them. 

6. Grateful for good dogs and good people too. Grateful someone can love where someone else failed.


Grateful Scriptures speak of animals too. It is our duty to care for them.  The woman who relinquished Layla said she could not keep here at her new rental. But she turned around and purchased a pure white boxer she named Princess and dumped Layla and her things like a bad habit. It was very upsetting to myself & Noelle because a boxer is a boxer. The new dog would grow up too. Very strange and extremely sad. Roger was not a fan of getting a second dog. But Noelle persisted and he relented. Thank goodness as Layla adored Roger and climbed into bed with him as if to say, dude, I love you and I am sharing this bed with you. She did! 

8. Grateful for all the goodness in life. The kind folks, the pups and kittens and all the dogs and cats in between from tiny to giant size, that they move into our hearts and we allow it only to have our heart ripped from our chest when one of them is called to the Rainbow Bridge.

9. Grateful everyday for the stories I hear from friends regarding their dogs and cats. I even know a few horse stories too. Goats, yep, sheep, uh-huh! As human beings, we sure love our fur babies no matter their size, shape or color. W O W ! The world would be wonderful if people had the common sense that dogs and cats have! All animals in general, actually.

10. Grateful for the love of animals. I use to think people were strange saying, the more I know people, the more I love my dog. You know these funny sayings don't you? People would rather be with their cat or dog then people! Ha Ha Ha! I talk to the pups and cats all the time. Hey, I am here with them all day while the others are hard at work (or hardly working hahaha). Grateful my phamily all have jobs. They really do work hard. In fact Noelle and our son-in-law Zach work for the same company. They will always work from home, their productivity went through the roof since people started working from home. Take that 2020!!!!

I am hopeful you visit Aw...Mondays. To be honest I had completely completed this post yesterday and lost it before it was posted. So I recreated it from as much of my memory as I could for today. 

Love is....what a wonderful little pick-me-up each day. Grateful for this too.

Ta Da ...the strawberry sour cream pie. Noelle told us Caroline, or Gram "C" as Harrison calls her, made this pie. She said her sister sent her the recipe and she made it and it looked wonderful. We had strawberries, pie crust and sour cream so voila! It was lovely and seriously not as sweet as some desserts can be.  This was Caroline's grandmother's recipe and all I can is, thank you for sharing your phamily recipe with us Caroline.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Day 5 Ten Days of Gratefulness


1. Grateful for Strawberry Sour Cream Pie before the baking began! Noelle came over, ate some yummy Texas Hash with us. Sorry forgot to photograph it! Said, do you have dessert? we didn't so she said, do you strawberries, sour cream and a pie shell? Of course we did, so Rebekah gave up her pie shell to make this yummy pie. More later on the pie. (wink wink)

2. Grateful for days with nine degree temps and falling snow and icy roads. We were together, the five of us and Noelle and Roger. Laughing, cooking, enjoying phamily time. Grateful, very grateful.

3. Grateful for sleeping in. On the weekends I like to leave my sweet hubby rest as he gets up at 5 A.M. during the weekdays. I was up at 7 A.M. watching the snow fall. Put on the coffee and showered.

4. Grateful as Sandra mentioned regarding her hubby , love to wake up next to my Avery. He is my best friend and I love spending my time with him. Grateful we are still here another day.

5. Grateful for gin rummy, silly cartoons on TV and simple fun during the weekend.

6. Grateful the snow is falling. Praying it will help calm these raging fires.

7. Grateful for my eyesight. I have horrible vision and am careful to take care of my eyes. But my sight is something I ma grateful for every single day I live.

8. Grateful for Scripture and this one which reminds me of my BFF Grandmother. She lost her sight when I was 8 and this verse means so much to me because of her.

9. Grateful for cars with four wheel drive in this snowy season.

Every snow season which Frozen I and Frozen II came out, this is my go to humor. DO not mess with Elsa and please do not make her angry! She will send the snow!

10. Grateful for moments that make me smile, laugh and even cry! This SONday was simply perfection.

When my big sister had her second son, they were stationed with the US Army at Fort Riley, Kansas. My nephew Edward was born there. These are a few postcards from those days. I have postcard organizers now and save every single postcard I can get my hands on.

I want to invite you to join the postcard exchange. If you do not wish to exchange postcards with me you can simply send me one and I will enter you in the giveaway. The first time I did this I received almost all US States and some international countries too.  You can email your info to me. I will open this now and leave it until I am close to all the states. My blogaversary is coming up November 1 to celebrate 10 years as a blogger. So my giveaway will include some Colorado goodies. I will make a button on my sidebar and hope you will join me too. My email is if you would like to join the fun and send me your address info.


Friday, October 23, 2020

Day 4 Ten Days of Gratefulness


1. Grateful and Thankful for these cool cups. Thank you Noelle. Dad and I will love these.

2. Grateful for simplicity in gifts that mean much.Visit Pink Saturday

3. Grateful to help others, through the local food bank. So many families need help this time of year and this season of darkness and unknowns especially.

4. Grateful that each day one good thing is taken care of. Each small step to clear a space or rearrange a few things makes me grateful, happy and thankful all together, 

5. Grateful our new washer cleans like a dream and the clothes, bedding and towels smell delightful.

6. Grateful for prayer and good friends who pray with you anytime you need them.

7. Grateful Hannah and Jake will celebrate one whole year of marriage tomorrow.

8. Grateful to be here this day. 

9. Grateful for the seasons changing and the colors in the trees brilliant and beautiful.

10. Grateful Nick is healing and not coughing so violently.

Nick Colton and Rebekah at Chautauqua. Good times and better days before 2020.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Day 3 Ten Days of Gratefulness

 1. Rain and snow coming our way. Grateful they may help these wildfires.

 2. Grateful for a quiet day. I did nothing. Just slept later and drank hot tea all day.

 3. Grateful that Carl and Barb got some answers. No surgery on the horizon but some medication to help his pain and cancer.

 4. Grateful the hubby is getting his ear unplugged. I worked for an ENT doctor for 12 years. If your ear is full and feels plugged or hearing is muffled, you can use equal parts of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water to drop inside your ear to help move the wax. If you have an itchy ear you use equal parts of water with rubbing alcohol. You can also do this treatment for several days and then use a small bulb syringe with some warm water to flush the ear and help release the ear wax.

5. Grateful for all the junk mail that arrives each day so I can shred it . It does no good to complain so I enjoy shredding it and cleaning my little shredder with oil paper.

6. Grateful for the western TV channel to avoid so much nonsense on the regular channels.

7. Grateful for quiet days and restful nights.

8. Grateful to snuggle with the hubby even with the divide on our beds. HaHaHa. 

9. Grateful for the adjustable bed. It makes our lives so much easier as we grow older.

10. Grateful to enjoy a nice weekend  with the hubby as this week seemed to fly by.

Be grateful and be thankful and please stop by to visit Thankful Thursday