Thursday, September 30, 2021

Feline Friday and Friendly Fill In's

 Feline Friday

Boots: The most beautiful boy in the world and a dear sweet forever best feline friend. I think about this handsome boy everyday. especially when  Mister Kitty is a brat, bugging me about wanting food, when he already has a full belly. He is such a drama king. 

Never try to outstubborn a cat. Robert A. Heinlein . Time Enough for Love: The Lives of Lazurus Long 1973

Friendly Fill In's with Lorianne and of course, Ellen . I seem to be backward all week long. So here are my answers to these fill in's:

1. So far this year, I have accomplished minding my own business, staying healthy and organizing and downsizing our house.

2. My plans for October includes planning a getaway with my hubby for my December birthday and enjoying some long weekends with my sweetheart.

3. Staying  healthy may be difficult, in this negative world, but it is worth it. The farther away I stay from doctors and their push for more prescriptions, the better I feel.

4. I don't think I'll ever master reading all the books I have lined up for this winter. Tme seems to fly by.

This image has been at Pinterest, Facebook and google images. I am not sure who took the photo but they made an excellent pink photo.  Do you like pink? I love it. While fall/autumn is here and in the air, I still use my Ballet Slipper lip color and mix it with a bare beige to create a nice look. I love wearing lipstick. I miss the days when I picked Avery up at his RTD station in the evening . My friend Amanda, who is expecting  natural in the next few weeks, told me her frandma told her to always have your lipstick on and comb your hair when the husband is coming home from a long workday. I loved that and so I always made sure my lipstick was perfect when I headed to the bus station to collect my honey. Once I was forced out of my job and into an early retirement, it was something that made me feel good and my husabnd liked it too.

Say hello to Pink Saturday. Beverly has hosted it for many years and it always is a fun challenge to find favorite pinks to share. People get so creative and so it went from Pink Saturday to Anything Goes Pink Saturday.

Pink is a happy color and there are so many shades of pink! I like mauve in the cooler months. I have lots of pink in my closet. 

Are you a Pinkie too?

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 Unsure what I will do next here. I know I have a plan to leave the other social media sites permanently. Nothing there but spewing hatred for those of us who do not think like the  masses. Lies and fact checkers. Fact check this, God is the One who is in charge. No matter what your news tells you, no matter what a celebrity thinks and  what anyone else believes . God is always and forever. I am so thankful for Him. Romans 16:26

I never, in the worst nightmares, ever thought I would live to see such insanity.  The handful of people I visit, have been kind and caring. Others fall off the grid because they do not like my thinking. My faith is number one in my life. If I put God anywhere but at the top of my life, I fail and I fail terribly. I worked with so many non believers throughout my life.  I use to feel sad and then I reread God's Word which tells me if I share my story, or my faith and those I share with do not want to hear it, then I need to walk away. I am thankful God is in charge. That job is way too big for anyone else to manage. Proverbs 19:21

I know a lady, who has a kind heart but she thinks she is going to save the world. Nope, that is a one man job. His name is Jesus and He died on the cross for all the world. But all the world does not know Him. I know one thing, you can not say you love God and go along with things of the world.  His life is forever. He paid the price with His precious blood. I am not forcing anything on anyone, I am simply speaking what I know to be truth. This world is filled with so many lies,  but as long as I have lived, I know God listens. I know Jesus walks alongside of me. I have been to the darkest places with my health, with loss, with difficult roads I have traveled. No one but God pulled me up and out of the darkness. I am thankful to Him for my life which is nothing spectacular, but it is the life He gave me. Colossians 1:17

I wish I could share every single time God pulled me up from despair. Recently, I asked for prayer for myself. I Knew I would eventually need catarac surgery. I have had horrible vision from the time I was in the 4th grade. so when I had my eye exam this week, the doctor said, Good news, although Fred and Frank "my floaters") are residing in your eyes, you have no sign of cataracs. He was probably the coolest eye doc I have seen since Dr. Wetzig. Dr. Wetzig was the son of my grandmother's eye doctor. Unfortunately, when my grandmother lost her eyesight to detached retina,  there was not a whole lot they could do for it.  I know because my friend's sister has a detached retina and she sees her eye specialist regularly. Today it is still a really difficult problem but there are some things that can prolong your vision. The young doctor I saw last year claimed I was getting cataracs. Where they went or if they were even there, I will not know. But I know God calmed my soul and He heard the prayers of all of you who prayed. Instead of catarac surgery I will get some pretty new frames. I am thankful for all who prayed and appreciate each one of you. 1 Peter 3:12

I don't really want to leave here, a few of my relatives I keep in contact with , encourage me to keep blogging. But I am not sure with all the sadness happening everywhere in our world if I will feel up to it. Somedays, I get up and I pray. I listen to the bible on an app. I read my bible. I pray. I look up at the clock and it is time for my sweetheart to come home. 1 John 5:15

Isaiah 42:9

I pray for him everyday because he is in a tough situation. He workds really hard and they are really busy. With everything going on, neither one of us takes anything for granted. We don't know if we will be here tomorrow or if the job will be there.  So we take life, one day at a time.  we thank God for sticking to us like glue. Otherwise we would be part of the messy world trying to recomcile our lives by the world's standards. No thank you and ever thankful for still having some common sense and logic. 2 Peter 2:2=3

The bibles warns how the last days there will loved ones turning against us. I see it already. So I am grateful to stay close to God and not worry about this world, because my opinion of it does not matter. God will take care of it all in His own time. Thankful He is here and will never leave us. Matthew 10:21-42

Thankful Thursday I am thankful to know everyone over here. Good people and pets, who truly care.



Wordless Wednesday  You may view this image  at or Pinterest.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Feline Friday and More


Feline Friday

I found this beauty at google images and if you click on the image it will take you to the site.

"Cats are inquiaitive but hate to admit it. "  Mason Cooley

Here are my answers:

1. Is it wrong to force young school children to wear Masks? A B S O L U T E L Y !!!!!

2. I wish I had kept my Barbie dolls. They were played with by nieces and it breaks my heart, I had handmade clothing from my late sister Pat and crocheted ones from my cousin Audrey.

3. Heaven is my idea of living happily ever after.

4. It's been a long time since I have seen friends who moved out of state.

Oh My Goodness! I love this typewriter. I would love to have this. Pink Saturday

Pretty Pink Bird. He is in nature and an exquisite artwork of God. Isn't His love for us incredible?

Have a beautiful and blessed day. Enjoy your weekend and go out and do something fun. May God's grace shine on you and yours. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful Thursday 

                       I like this example of thankfulness and gratitude. I also love that Fallis in the air.

Thanksgiving and Joy are two excellent examples of thankfulness and gratitude. I love these words.

We can think about thess friendly fill in  sentences. Ellen thought up the first two and her co host Lorianne thoguht up the other two. I love Friday's because we can see everyone's answers and it is a fun blog hop to [articipate in. 

1. Is it wrong to__________________?

2. I wish I had kept my __________________.

3. _________________is my idea of living happily ever after.

4. It's been a long time since I _____________________.

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


 Happy Tuesday

So a small boy started pre-school today. I am over the moon in love with this child. He is bright and funny and I pray he succeeds in school because he is such a happy boy. 

Maxine cracks me up all the time. She is particularly ornery today. 

So I use to participate in 

For Brody and for all the children heading to school or already there. I am grateful I do not have young children today. I would not be able to send them off to schools with too many inappropirate agendas. School is for learning, not being politically indoctrinated. As children we see others as we see ourself. It is the world who tries to change our thinking. Today is one of those days where I sit and think about my dear friend Sharon, who I lost in May 2021. We loved each other the moment we met, no one had to point our our ethic differences.  Life is hard, I am going to close this post and go pray harder.

Monday, September 13, 2021




Mollie was curled up with Loki because they run along the fence and bark with the ring leader neighbors Weimaraner. That dog is so annoying! They were tuckered out.


Love always right on!

Etymology of 'Bojon' is proud

To the Editor:

I very much appreciated yor srticle and and photos of the personalied car  license plates  last Sunday and I appreciated my good friend Dr. Jim Bergles , pride in his sLOVEnian ancestry. However, I believe that the spelling of the word 'Bojon'which were used in the articles were incorrect. Perhaps the following explanation will clarify the matter.

About a century ago, many sLOVEnianas, Croatians and Serbians left the Austro-Hungarian Empire to settle in America. They travelled first from Llubljana to Paris by train and then from Paris to New York by boat.  While awaiting the boat at the port of Le Havre , these perceptive sLOVEnians very often overheard the Parisians, who have superb taste,  repeatedly remark of these particular immigrants, "Quels beaux gens!"  (" What handsome people!")

Soon thereafter, these strikingly good-looking people arrived at Ellis Island and were questioned about their nationality. Instead of explaining that they were aubjects of his  Royal Imperial Highness Franze Joseph, Emperor of Austria and and Apostolic King if Hungary, these gorgeous pragmatists took the first of many liberties that thry soon were to appreciate and humbly accepted the aptly-chosen French term "beaux gens:. The immigration officails, ignorant of foreign languages , as too many Americans regrettably still are today, incorrectly spelled their nationality "Bojon" on their immigration documents.

Today these Slavic- Americans do not mind being called :beaux gens" at all because of their pride to their culture, a culture which is maintained by dedicated frateneral lodges and musical groups around this area.  But I am sure, like our our immigrant ancestors, these people take even greater pride, in calling themselves Americans in  a nation where so many cultures and languages can be learned and appreciated. 

John J. Kogovsek, President

Western Slovan Lodge No. 3 

The western Slovan Association 

A "Bojon" friend gave me this interesting article . James Bergles DDS is a retired dentist int he Pueblo area. He and my older middle sister Mary attended school together from the kindergarten. John J Kokovsek was my sophomore school year History teacher. He was not terribly fond of me as many times would ask me why I was not more like my brotherr, Ed?  I would always reply, I guess because I'm not him! which made him mad. I took many trips to the principals office only to be intercepted by Father Emmett who was our  school counselor. He took pity on me for being compared to my brother. So he never made me walk to the principals office. I always appreciated him for that. As for this story, I truly love it and always have appreciated knowing it existed. 


Sunday, September 12, 2021

 Sunday Selections

Brody's Photo Face!

Blake's Concerned Face

Jack and Sally getting ready for Halloween. My girl Hannah in Western NY loves The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I snapped this phoot in Home Depot today. 

Lunch with my honey at Outback.

A weathered barn on the road home from our sons house.

LuLu looking very suspicious.

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful new week. 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Sunday Selections #549

 Sunday Selections

Some pink skies from 2016 when Spring had first Sprung looking from my front porch to my neighbor across the road.

Margaret Carpenter Open Spaces 2016. A beautiful place to walk and get some excerise. It is near our home and we prefer the early mornings or late evenings. Lots of birds in the warm weather. There are two lakes and a huge open grassy field. Our youngest son ran many XC and track and field races here in middle and high school.

Looking up my street to the South. These photos are from April 2016.  

Joining Sunday Selections. Have a beautiful holiday weekend .

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Feline Friday

Feline Friday 

This gray cat is a pinterest find. My sister had a solid gray cat, his name was Dylan but his eyes were emerald green. He was a feral cat. My sister use to laugh everyday, because he never got of out the habit of rumaging through the trash can. He passed away from Feline Leukimia but his years with my sis were glroious times for him. How they loved each other. He loved being an indoor cat once he learned to chill with the other cats in her household.

A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization. ~Author unknown

It doesn't matter if you are six feet four and broad of shoulder, if a kitten is looking for a mother-figure you're it. ~Pam Brown, Utterly Gorgeous Cats, 2006,

I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. ~Author unknown

You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats. ~Proverb

This one would be my sister Mary. 

My Friendly Fill In's:

1. Being with my grands is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

2. One should take time to pray everyday. 

3. I hesitate to speak out on social issues too much because there is always someone who thinks differently. I try to be lighthearted here.

4. Is it time for Fall weather yet? Crunchy leaves, soft sweaters, cool morning breezes and Fall foliage.

I love this pretty pink cottage . I found the image at Pinterest.  I wanted to share it with Pink Saturday When I created this blog I missed a step at blogger so I can not share this with Beverly at Pink Saturday as linky does not recognize this blog. sigh....But I will post it here and enjoy seeing this pleasant little house in pink. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021


 Thankful Thursday

1. Thankful for my funny feline. He wakes me for food every A.M.  at the same time. He has a built in alarm clock.

2. Thankful for my husband who is kind and logical and funny. He takes care of all of us, because he loves us.

3. Thankful so many I know who were in the storms path are ok. 

4. Thankful I can pray for those effected by the storm and thankful for those helping in the rescue and clean up.

5. Thankful for a nightly cup of hot Sleepytime tea to relax and get ready for a restful night.

6. Thankful for blogging and knowing so many kind hearts.

7. Thankful that everyone at Brians Home Blog make me smile every single day. Those fantastic felines are all so qunique.

8. Thankful that we walk every night after dinner.

9. Thankful tonight our oldest daughter, her husband and the greatest grands joined us- Harrison and Shea.

10. Thankful for Rebekah and Zach. They often prepare meal and makes me happy and makes our tummies full.