Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Rest of the Story

 We finally were able to get a few things done on a relatively cooler day. It has been a long time so we worked hard in the house and yard too. Tomorrow, God willing, we will work in the garage for a few hours.

Brody had his final T-ball game today. The one time I remember to bring the little water cooling fan and we did not need it. I was busy taking photos of the boys and the team and did not get photos of Brittany's brothers who brought their dogs to the field. Gus is a dachshund. He is a smart little guy. Adam's dog is Blue Heeler and Shepherd but I did not get his name. He had a pretty black and white coat, like a short fur coat. He has some similar features to Stella, Jeremy's last original pup. 

We had such a nice time aBlake wanted to get down and get away. It is hard with toddlers, they have boundless energy and sitting still is not their cup of tea. Avery and I remember those days. Little ones are naturally curious about everything. The fish tank at the restaurant did hold his attention for a while and he told me the colors in the big fish swimming in the water.

I took Blake out into the small laobby area. He was patting the chair telling me, sit down Grandma. We flipped through the magazine sitting there. He is very smart and also a ball of 100 percent pure energy running in over drive. 

We have stayed up way too late watching  swimming and track and field at the Olympics. Tonight I am going to get some extra sleep like my smart and soundly sleeping spouse. This was a good week and the weekend has been even better. Missing Hannah and Jake but enjoying anytime we get to spend with the phamily.I will be around commenting tomorrow. The days go away so quickly. Can you believe Augugst is here? Sweet Dreams for now and thinking about all the good friends who stop by. Thank you. 

A Quick Break and The Rest of the Story Tomorrow


Spending some quality time with my other half.

You bet I know how my sweetheart likes his coffee. Thank you Love is...for the reminder.

Oh the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain a good weight. That fridge can be a danger. It drives me batty to know people that have had great success with weight loss but they will not share unless they can get you to sign up for their plan. It is so annoying and the ads everywhere for weight loss. If something is a 100 percent sure fire weight loss plan wouldnt it be better to just spread that good news? Often what works for one person, does not for another. Just thinking out loud. It is very late, way past my bedtime so time for me to sign off. I will return with the remainder of my story tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Happy Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday

 Happy Tuesday

We are in the middle of a heat wave and I am dreaming about cooler weather. My husband is a human hot water bottle. Sigh....nice in the wintet months. But  he is a good backstratcher and also gives a good back rub so I am content. He sures makes me "Happy"

I wanted to share Maxine's thoguhts on some Olympic events but I guess I can not stop thinking about cooler weather. 

I've been thinking about cutting some calories. I found this and it cracked me up.  Poor Bob, I guess he never tried dieting before.

Wordless Wednesday I need to search Rebekah's photos from her 2016 trip to Ireland.  This peaceful google image is from the Emerald Isle. 

I know he does not wish to have a shower. But do you think he'd move? He was hot I guess and stretched out on the cool bathroom floor and decided he needed to move to the rug. I guess he was overheated talking with his girlfriend in the living room window. She is a chatty one.  I I wish people would leave their cats indoors. The world is a dangerous place. I  hope you are thankful for something today and visit Thankful Thursday I am thankful for all of you and all the goodness I find in the world. Oh yes, and Tiger a/k/a Mister Kitty, I am thankful for him too . Tomorrow I am hoping to have my Friendly Fill In's ready too.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Aw...Mondays and Love is....


This is the bus station in my hometownof Pueblo, Colorado. They had a very nice lunch counter when I was a young working girl. Have you ever traveled by bus? Although I prefer train travel over all other types of travel, I once rode all the way from Pueblo to Alabama for my cousin Tommy's wedding. My mom took me and her sister, my auntie Ann took my cousin Joanne. I remember our mom's packed a lunch and my cousin and I still laugh about it. I don't think we were 60 miles out of town before Joanne and I polished off our portions of that delicious  fried chicken. As a 12 year old, I wasn't too concerned about the hours we rode on that bus but today, there is no way I would want to ride a  bus. Back in those days if someone stirred up trouble. the driver called ahead and stopped in the next town with a police escort to take that person off the bus. Times are sure different today. Stop by and visit Aw...Mondays

Love is...apparently never rode the bus across country. 

Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Olympics 2021

 Tuning in to the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Grateful to see the individuals who have worked so hard to get here. Excited to see more swimming and of course, Track and Field. Nick knew a young man, when he was in college from Canada. His name is Andre De Grasse. He ran in the 100m behind Bolt and when Bolt retired he said he felt he was every bit as good Bolt himself was. If you watch the Olympics please look for this young man.

I always feel my age when the Olympics come around. I was nearly 15 when Tony Hawk was born. He holds the title for the most influential skateboarder and he is 53 years old. Kelly Slater was born when I was graduating high school. He's the guy who still is seen as the greatest surfer in the world. We won't even talk about Rowdy Gaines (age 59) or Nadia and Bart Conners. Even Dorothy Hamil and Mary Lou Retton got old!

Some say Katie Ledecky is actually a fish. She is an incredible athlete and of course, Michael Phelps holds many world records. These are some of the people I admire for their devotion to the sport they love and the class they show on and off their sport. 

A favorite Olympian, a young girl with guts and gusto and great faith in God.

Kelly Slater was born in February 1972, I graduated high school in May 1972 and the greatest track and field athlete in my humble personal opinion, Steve Prefontaine ran in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. It was a very good year.

Friday, July 23, 2021

On Being Lazy


I have felt pretty useless this past week. It is hard getting back into your groove when you take time off to relax and refresh.

Thanks to my friend Carole, this about sums up my week this past week. Rest restores the body and peace the soul.

Celebrating Avery's birthday with a surprise dinner by Rebekah and Zach and enhanced by Nick joining us, was the highlight of this week. I will share delightful tales of Fogo de Chao soon.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Happy Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday

Devin turned 14 on July 17th. He was having a phamily dinner with his cousins. Harrison, like his dad, loves Olive Garden too. It is hard to believe Devin is so grown up.  Happy Birthday to Devin! #1 Soccer Player in our phamily.

This boy Logan turned 2 on July 18th. He has come such a long way from where he was being born 3 months early in 2019. God was good and all the prayers that went up for this boy were very much appreciated. Happy Birthday Logan! #1 Daddy's Boy!

Oh Maxine, even at bedtime you are terribly ornery.


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Aw...Mondays with Love is....


Please forgive me. I am having a tough time coming back to my real life after two weeks of fun with the kids. I miss my husband when he heads off to work tomorrow so I Just do not feel like doing anything at all. I will accept reality soon and be back to my daily routine.

Avery is the best back rubber, back scratcher. I am going to miss him this week while he heads back to his reality. AT least we can soak our feet together in the evening and have been doing that for the past 3 months.

Happiness is always a better choice than sadness or chaos or simply being overwhelemed.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

T-Ball and A Farmer's Market


Brody getting a hit at practice. The day was growing hotter and he was overwhelmed by it. He must truly e related to me. I am not a hot weather fan. at least not to stand or sit on the sidelines to watch the kids. I prefer the early games and I am sure Brody does too.

This boy wants to play ball so badly. He has to be with his dad. That is his favorite human. Next week, God willing, we can bring our bat and ball so he can get some hits on the sideline.
We left the game to head over to the farmers market. We filled our cart and bag with lots of goodies.
 Myra here are some green tomatoes. We did buy a basket of organic cherry tomatoes and eat nearly all of them on the way home.

They had Palisade Peaches, Mount Rainer Cherries and Bing Cherries too.

Lots of fresh onions and

all the different veggies,

The red tomatoes were fresh and delicious too. Next time we will visit LuLu's which is another local farmers market. Once the chilies are harvested those times are the good times when you buy the fresh roasted chilies. Both markets have chilies when their harvest is ready.
Hannah, Jake and Franklin returned home safely today. They ran into lots of rain as they got closer to home. Myra asked if they flew or drove. They came in the new truck and RV. Next trip they will just come in the truck.  We are hoping one more time before the year is over. Sweet dreams everyone. Let's get together again, perhaps, tomorrow. Sleep well.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Goodbye Until Next Time


Hannah and Leo had a quiet moment. While Franklin followed Hannah and Jake everywhere they went, Leo stood guard at the door to their RV. He was not about to let his girl and her sweetheart and Franklin, his brother leave without him saying goodbye.  It is always hard to see them leave. Praying they return home safely and we see them again sooner than later.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. No matter how long it may take me to cacth up commenting and doing everything else I have to do with my blogs, I will always be here and always appreciate each and everyone who stops by to say hello.

Sweet Dreams, Goodnight, God Bless and See You Very Soon, As Long As God is Willing to allow it.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Feline Friday


Visit Feline Friday  Cat's believe they rule households. Is it true at your house?

 Never try to outstubborn a cat. ~Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love: The Lives of Lazarus Long, 1973

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you are getting your rest. Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful Thuirsday

Thankful for the nice meal we settled in for at a nice diner shown here.

PaPa Bear, MaMa Bear, Baby Bear. They even had hot sauces named for each one. PaPa was burn hot, mama was medium and baby was mild. I forgot to snap a photo of that. But these three bears were outside the diner and looking like they were welcoming all the guest. What a fun little diner.

We were thankful for our trip to Garden of the Gods. There were lots of people but it is so spread out we really only passed a few on the trail and others riding horses. The day was good and so was our weather. This fence with warning signs telling people to NOT walk on the inside of the fence was welcoming. We are law abiding people so we followed their rules. Even the bathroom was nice and clean.

Either I am exhausted or some of my photos disappeared. I will check with Hannah tomorrow to get the other ones. We were thankful for the day and we are always thankful for allof you. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Sweet Dreams to everyone and hopeful for a new tomorrow here with you. Take care .