Thursday, December 30, 2021


 As our old year closes and the new one makes it's appearance, I like to make thankful lists. Therei s much to be thankful for. I don't fall into the trap that the grim newscasts and even programming in general try to brainwash us with their nonsense.

I have spent time away from here, because having had more losses, than we care to have, I spend more time in prayer than I do anything else.

The world is a worrisome one. But you can find some gratitude if you look around. 

The UPS guy sets our order on the porch but he never blocks the door so we can not open it heeheehee. Not a major thing but a kind gesture, delivered my monthly coffee order. I was amazed the kid read that the doorbell was out of order, knocked politely and set the package on the ledge near our mail slot. A kindness I appreciate it.

Two rabbits decided to lounge on our lawn. It is so darn cold here, My teeth chatter when I walk across the yard to check the garage lights. But I always warn those silly rabbits. Leo's here, run rabbit run! They run and crawl under the neighbors fence. They have some good sense. I like that!

I seem to be late these days. Today my grandson needed a last minute sitter. It was my pleasure to sit with Harrison and Shea . She is a busy girl and Harrison is older, wiser and his needs are not as urgent as her needs. I love being with them. 

This face says to me, trouble is coming Grandmother, get ready for it! She will tell you the cat says meow, the dog says arf, the cow says moooo! She eats all of her veggies! Her brother use to say yuck and toss them back to me when he was her age! I can not complain. She was eating carrot coins that were cooked like she was eating a delectable dessert! She is a busy girl with a big agenda! THANKFUL for her and her brother too. 

This face says, Grandmother, I am watching an important cartoon! Would you tell my sister, to be quiet! hahaha would you make me hot cocoa too ? With marshmallows and whipped cream. He is the guy who says hit me, with the whipped cream. Today, someone moved it to the back of the fridge and ti was half frozen. I said come over another day, I will buy a fresh can! GRATEFUL!

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Ellen and Lorianne share in choosing these sentences to share with us. Here they are:

1. I had hoped to ______________but I didn't.

2. A goal I have for 2022 is __________________.

3. I'll be _______________when 2021 ends.

4. I hope 2022 brings ________________.

My answers:

1. I had hoped to read more but I didn't . My friend Bea toldme to read the Reckoning. by John Grisham. It is an older book and about WWII. It is hard to read without stopping and taking a break. 

2. A goal I have for 2022 is to spread more kindness. Complain less, feel grateful more.Be thankful for the small stuff.

3. I'll be grateful when 2021 ends.Too much loss, Epilepsy, surgeon screw ups, heart disease, freak accidents, I know God is collecting these precious souls. He wants them and most of  the world can't deal with that..

4. I hope 2022 brings us closer and closer. Like 911 people were kind and caring and then back to their old ways in no time at all. I want to see a great awakening in our country. Think for yourself. Move forward, stop relying on others to tell you how to think! Revival, awakening, call it what you would like, we need to get back to good and leave evil in the dust.

We need to rely on common sense. It seems to have fallen by the wayside. Bring it back! I know I would be most thankful.

I will be kinder and smile always at everyone. When people lash out with words and meaness you never know how you affect someone. Many souls are very fragile in our world. Smile and be kind. 

The way the tide goes in and out should be a reminder, that we can change in a moment's notice. Use kindness, don't argue, don't fight, let's bring manners back! Y E S ! That would be so amazing.

Never say you are too busy to_________________. You fill in the blank. A kind word may touch an otherwise troubled heart.

I belong to a social group where a gentleman said, on CHRISTmas Eve, please pray for me. My son (24 years old) and my grandson (4 years old) passed away in a head on collison earlier this evening. 

Use kindness like it is the most powerful gift you can hand deliver. We never know, we never ever know, how troubled someone might be.

How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time. Morgan Freeman


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Happy Tuesday

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More phamily photos from CHRISTmas Eve and CHRISTmas Day 2021. Jaslin, who is now a college girl and her sister Alexis decorated Grandma Noelle's yummy sugar cookies, Jaslin in her leather pants and Rolling Stone T Shirt. With their cousin Ella. Love these girls! They make us so happy. We are so grateful they are part of our lives.

Oh Maxine, your analogies are something else! But I agree! That's  a great comparison. We all have those friends, I think! 

We are happy 2021 will wind down and we would like to see more happiness in 2022.  Being happy helps keep you healthy. Smiling uses less muscles than frowing plus there is the wrinkle thing. HaHaHa!

Being happy is something we all should strive for. It sure beats being negative and miserable. I worked with people, particularly women, who were so unhappy. I felt sorry for them. I think I was born happy. I know my mom was a happy soul and my maternal grandmother and best friend was blind and she was incredibly happy. I love being happy.

This makes me very happy! I love these words.

2021 had many losses. I think we all may have known people we lost. But happiness will come again. I believe it is similar to the waves in the ocean.  It will find you again, you can believe that!

Monday, December 27, 2021




Miss Shea Avery Marie had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with some of her phamily yesterday. She is a baby doll lover and carrying her favorite doll with her. Please visit Aw...Mondays.

I am hopeful each one of you had a beautiful CHRISTmas . We enjoyed a beautiful brunch with our son Jeremy and his wife Brittany and the phamily. We missed Hannah and Jake but enjoyed the day. Our son-in-law Zach made a beautiful prime rib dinner and we shared it with Roger and Noelle and the five of us here. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it very much.

We bought Shea a cradle for her babies. In the excitement of the holidays we forgot to set it up. So her mom and dad took it home and mom set it up for her. She is quite the baby mama and loves tending to her brood of baby dolls.

I pray each one of you are well and enjoying these holidays. I think they were some of the best we have enjoyed throughout the years. I will share more photos all week. Thank you for being here and take care.

Love is...always has the right answers. God Bless You one and all. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 I can not be wordless on this Wordless Wednesday. This week started out a bit rough but here I am and want to think about CHRISTmas.

Monday morning my Belgian waffle, which was a brand new recipe I tried, was popped in the toaster to crisp it up. I added a bit of butter, warm sryup and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  It slid off my plate and onto the floor facedown! Of ocurse, I had an audience with the dogs. But I had to stop and clean that up and start all over.

Then my cousin Danny's daughter Lynette posted that her dad passed away SONday. He had been working in the yard, was overwhelmed, sat on the porch and he was gone. He had run the filling station and auto repair shop for many years at the location of his childhood home. He had been in the USAF. So he loved flying. He taught himself how to ski and hated fighting the weekend traffic. So he bought a plan and he and his phamily enjoyed most weekends skiing in the mountains. He was a kind man and I will everything about him.

I was chatting with my brother Ed. He always has fun and exciting genealogy info. I wanted to share the sad news with him. He said he has a funny story about Danny and his skiing days to share next time we talk. He filled in a few more blanks about Danny with me after he spoke with our brother Bill. 

So  I decided I would share some of our CHRISTmas ornaments from our tree. I've been preoccupied with making sure all the gifts will be wrapped and everything is in order.

Someone shared this and I added a bit of a border. I really love this. I know LOVE is the greatest gift from God and love will conquer all.

 Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know that I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now three remain, faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13: 12-13.

My friend Linda in Kansas made this cute snowman ornament several years ago. He always has a place of honor on our tree.

Hannah gave this ornament to us, in honor of Alastor Avery. There are feathers inside the ornament. It is a treasure hanging on our tree.

Rebekah gives us a personalized  ornament every year. These sloths made us smile and we love them
hanging on the tree!

This is a tiny church I found at the Dollar Tree. I was disappointed this year, they had no good ornaments. It made me sad. But I love this one,

I love this Jim Shore Nativity.  These ornaments are so detailed. I have two of them. 

Here is Irish Santa also a Jim Shore. 

I will share more at my other blog.  This week is flying by and I know CHRISTmas will too. But we will get to visit with some of our kids and grands. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your celebration. Take care.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Feline Friday Pink Saturday and My BoJon Heritage


My other photo will not load so I am repeating this Boots photo that sits on our fridge. I will mss him always in this lifetime. He was a special kind of friend. Please visit Feline Friday.

Santa and the Mrs. dressed up in Pink. Thank you google image for sharing this lovely photo. Please visit Pink Saturday

December 18, 2019 was the date Alastor Avery came into this world. August 4, 2019, two days after the photo of me holding him on the right, he left this world for a better one. Straight into the open arms of Jesus. You may have heard me say it a hundred times but Grandfather Avery said of his passing, that Jeusus and God lent this Ambassador of Heaven to us for a little while. He was a precious boy. Celebrating his third birthday in Heaven.  Oh Alastor Avery I love you so much and I want to be there with you one day. Grandfather does too! We miss you but would never ever wish you back to this upside down world we have to contend with. Have a blessed heavenly birthday and remember to blow us kisses from heaven.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday and More


Some C A T ' S are difficult when it comes time to photograph them. This boy is just stubborn. I decided I can not change his attitude but he sures keeps my feet extra warm at night. THANKFUL

Thankful Thursday

Did I mention sometime I go back to sleep after Avery leaves for work and I wake up to this guy staring at me and sleeping next to me, like aminature person? He is very protective of me. Either that or he is afraid he willnever see his breakfast and dinner without me! I am very grateful he chose me, even when he is super annoying and whining like a tantrum throwing toddler!

Pajama Day at school! This kid is something else but he makes me extra THANKFUL to be his grandma.

Noelle and Roger are headed home near the Eisenhower Tunnel watching some snowflakes fall in the mountains. But this was their fancy birthday dinner at Oscar's Steakhouse last night.

Can't have a birthday dinner without a dessert! They had a wonderful trip and really enjoyed the getaway.  THANKFUL they will be home tonight. Safe travels kids and see you soon. 

Morning comes early. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and be THANKFUL!

I am trying to catch up with comments. I will be visiitng you soon. Thank you for being here for me too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Happy Tuesday and Maxine


Happy Tuesday

Have a wonderful week!

I have felt like that pigeon in my lifetime. Now I just kick up my heels and dance!

Monday, December 13, 2021

Birthday WIshes and Aw...Mondays


Today our oldest girl Noelle and her husband Roger share a Happy Birthday! They drove to Las Vegas to spend some time away from work and the day to day hassles of life. Happy Birthday to our kids! Phamily is such a precious part of our lives.These two have three kids, 11 grands and one goofy doggy.

So Roger and Noelle have matching shirts. I know, it is quite an honor that they want to be like her dad Avery and me. Thanks kids! You make us proud!

 Can you say Aw...Mondays ? This is Piper their girl. She was spayed this past week so she is recuperating with other phamily.

My husband is my rock. He is kind and faithful and logical. He is a real live Super Man.  Love is...always knows exactly what I need. We spent the past month unwinding and Avery is back to work and feeling energized. He is such a good person. A great dad, sully grandpa and greatgrandpa and all around great guy!

I have spent most of my days in prayer. My list is long and grows longer each day. Everyone needs prayer. I ask for prayer for Linda and David who lost their son Liam this weekend. My heart aches for them. Prayers for Mary my cousin who is healing from surgery. Prayers for my cousin Ken recuperating from a hospital stay. His wife Kay is a real prayer warrior along with their son Paul, a local pastor in Pueblo West. Ken has been a real trooper through the years and has had some serious health concerns. I am grateful he is getting stronger each day. COusin Chuck, recuperating with this daughter Julie (RN) from a fall and broken hip. Chuck shares July 23 as his birthday with Avery and my late day. He is a really good guy. Prayers for Ryan and Ed, both law enforcement officers along with Lee, Sissy and Felix. Their job is never an easy one. There are many good cops so do not be fooled by untruths. I know many kind hearted cops who help other with no regard for recognition. I pray they are all safe. Prayers for the Wheelers trying to get their two triplets Nancy and Daisy home to join brother Charles and the rest of their siblings, Eppie, Thomas, David, James, Aaron Jr, Amanda and Aaron. An amazing phamily with tremendous faith. The girls need to drink their required breastmilk so they can go home where brother Charles is wondering, where are my sisters? Eppie is the oldest and she is getting to an age where life can overwhelm a girl on the cusp of growing up. Pray for her too. They are such wonderful people.Prayers for Janna and Brian as they navigate new parenthood with baby Finley Grace. Sarah and Evan as they proudly show us their two year old Jack and his new sister Emmerson. Beautiful healthy girls these newborns.

" Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. " 1  Thessalonians 5:16-18

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Friday, November 12, 2021

Thankful Thursday Feline Friday Friendly Fill In's

 Thankful Thursday

Although I am late I wanted to post this and feel so grateful and very thankful for each day I live. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and getting ready for the weekend.

Thankful this guy doesn't bark at me! Leo has a limp and Rebekah is going to get him in to see the vet. Probably his age and the fact that he is a big guy but this fellow was upset when Leo stood by my me demanding I do as he wishes! Ha! This one thinks he rules my world. Happy Feline Friday

Friendly Fill In's is hosted by Ellen and Lorianne and each one of them think of these questions we all answer. Please join the fun.

1. I have a ______________on my ______________.

2. I wish I could speak fluent ___________________.

3. I wonder what would happen if____________________.

4. If I want________________, I have to _______________.

My answers:

1. I have a bucket list on my mind.

2. I wish I could speak fluent sLOVEnian/

3. I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world were kinder?

4. If I want to lose a few pounds,, I have to walk more and count my calroies. No fad diet plan will work. But these are my thoughts alone, I know what works for me.

Today I found a photo of a tea party I had with some incredible ladies in Georgetown, Colorado. They are some bloggers and former bloggers and I cherish each one of them.



Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Happy Tuesday


Maxine is always on a roll. Stop by and say hello to Happy Tuesday

I am always very happy when you visit me here!

Monday, November 8, 2021



Good morning everyone, Lorna let me know this morning that Blaze came home. She was out running errands with her sister on Saturday when a neighbor Dan called and said he saw him  two houses over from her home.  She said he was sitting there sunning himself .She and a neighbor had set two traps but they were empty when they checked them. Except Blaze was sitting nearby. He let Lorna take him home! Her birthday is tomorrow and she said this is the best gift she could have.

After a much needed bath, he is skinny and hungry but home sweet home! She said he did not scream or cry but took his bath and she plans to keep a close watch on him. The other cats are keeping their distance as he was pretty stinky! So all in all she thanks everyone for all the prayers and advice and I told her since he would not go into the trap, she should buy him an extra can of sardines and put some fat on that skinny boned boy! This was the best Aw....Mondays that I could think of today! So very happy that he is safe and at home.

I know those of us with pets have this as a necessity too not a luxury! So grateful Lorna and Blaze are having a good Monday. 

 Let's hope Blaze will read a good book and stay cozy and warm inside his happy home. We are expecting a cold front so I know he is grateful to be indoors where it is warm and toasty. 


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Blaze and Roxanne and Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday

Thankful today I can pray for my friend and her beauitful feline. This is Blaze. He is a sweet boy that lives with my friend Lorna.  He is her "Gentle Giant".He got out of the house several weeks ago and she is broken hearted. The first time she saw him she thought he was a ghost. But he came close to her twice and ran off. She has put up some humane traps but he has not be caught yet. She said yesterday she caught every cat in her neighborhood but him. Please pray that he will come home. He has been her boy since he was ten weeks old. Lorna is such a lover of cats. Oneday,  she would like to retire and have a Cat Sanctuary. She is so sad and broken over Blaze being gone. I hope you will pray for both of them that Blaze will come home and Lorna will be forever happy again. He is a snuggler so it is hard for her to understand why he decided to go out on an adventure. She says he likes to lay on her lap He also loves to lay in bed with her. Lorna says her other three cats are more demanding. When Blaze needs lap time he takes it, otherwise, he is on the outer edge watching.  Lorna works from home so when Blaze needed lap time he would gentlye tap her leg and look up at her with those beautiful green crossed eyes. She misses his snuggles and knows they had bonded so she feels like he is just calming his mind.  She needs him and loves him with all of her heart. Let's all pray they come together and she will be happy and he will get all the snuggles he needs.

This is a favorite quote about cats. I often stop and think of these very words whenever my big boy needs my full attention. Today he is probably bugging Daphne, searching for extra kibble bites.

Eight years ago this little angel was taken from us. She had suffered terribly from cancer and we did all we could do to keep her happy and make her comfortable. She passed so peacefully in Hannah's arms at home. Avery said he believes  she went to the Rainbow Bridge side of Heaven because she was alive one minute and gone the next and her little person was just an empty shell after her passing. It gave me great comfort to think of her in those terms

This silly boy became Roxanne's best friend. He always laid with her and knew how ill she was. He was a friend to her for all the months she was still with us. He cried so hard after her passing. I think sometime that is when he became more agressive and ornery. He was missing his favorite friend.

Roxanne was very stubborn and refused to go into the cold unless she was wearing her favorite fauz fur trimmed parka. She was a little sweetheart diva and probably could have been friends with Coco Chanel as she had a flair for fashion and a wardrobe to match.  Missing you little girl, you were Hannah's "Tiny Dancer". Always and forever in our hearts. Thankful we were given the opportunity to know you. 

I am going to post about praying for Blaze to come home at my other blog. I will post  as well about Rose and Bandit as Rose has been gone two years and Bandit three years. November is a month filled with loss for my phamily.