Thursday, April 23, 2020

SONday is the Lord's Day

I spent my childhood attending Catholic school and church too. It gave me a good foundation because in the 5th year if my life I went to school and the very first thing they taught me was "everything good comes from God". I never forgot it. I lean it on daily especially during these troubling times. It doesn't seem that most people are learning anything from this lock down. They are so divided. So filled with anger and hatred. I personally feel that if we don't open businesses and put people back to work our nation will falter and fail. So I pray and seek God's wisdom, not man's.
I'm like Billy from the Family Circus. Today was a good day, restful and we ate homemade bread. Two of our daughters are always baking bread. Yesterday was a good day too. Nick brought us delicious cookies from Crumbl. We have heat when it is cold outside and we have been in the teen's for a few days with the snow. I heard we received close to 150 inches of snow since January 2019 to the current days. Hopefully the rain prediction for next week is correct and we will get moisture but no snow. That would be nice.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

25th Anniversary Okalahoma CIty Bombing

25 years ago today marks the anniversary of the worst domestic terrorist attack in the USA. These were the children pulled from the ruins who survived. I will never forget a girl I worked with, her cousin was one of the pre school teachers and her body was the last one removed from the wreckage. I worked with two people who lost loved ones in the bombing. 
I will pray for the families of those lost in the bombing all the days of my life. It is strange there is no remembering except for those who lost their loved ones.
God has a goodness no one else possesses. He gave His only son so we may live. I know He remembers each and every name from that fateful morning of April 18, 1993. Our son Nick was going to turn 2 that summer and he was napping and I was watching a doll show on  HSN TV. My friend Sharon called me, having seen the reports of the bombing on TV. I felt so guilty for not noticing what happened but 25 years ago the news was not in your face constantly.  25 years later I still remember but I don't watch constant news reports of the world today. It is sad, I pray kindness rules and hate slips away.