Monday, October 8, 2018

Double Trouble

The expression "double trouble" often refers to twins or two people  who get into mischief. Having two blogs have been my  double trouble. Very much like social media, instead of making things simple these internet sites make it more difficult. I think I have conquered a couple of these "bugs" that have been bugging me!
Chip n Dale are the cute lil chipmunks from Disney who gave Donald Duck a big headache! This is a google image of a super cute t shirt.
I have always loved this shirt. My husband's paternal great grandmother Hazen was a full blooded Oglala Sioux Indian. One of these days I will find her obituary and post it here. In her day people did not trouble themselves with political correctness. Instead of changing and rewriting history, why don't people change the way they act and make history better instead of worse?
Thomas American Horse was an Oglala Sioux. This photo courtesy of trialsanderrors was taken in 1899 and found at google images.
One of the kindest bosses I ever had the pleasure to work with was Bessie Smith. She was a full blooded Navajo Indian and grew up on a reservation. She spoke fluent English as her second language, having spoken Navajo only until she was in the 2nd grade. She was often called to the emergency room of the hospital where we worked and other departments whenever someone spoke Navajo and she never tired of helping others. She was a very well educated and very successful business woman. I will always remember her fondly. This photo, courtesy of the  Navajo People is a woman and her child circa 1904. Look at the beautiful piece of jewelry the mother is wearing. I always wanted to be able to afford a squash blossom necklace. So incredibly beautiful and completely handcrafted.
My oldest daughter has this t shirt. It is quite a conversation starter.

Many of you love coffee and others love tea.  I am getting ready to host a giveaway for my blogaversary. But first I need to blog more! I have been here 9 years as of November 1, 2018.
I love seeing sweet friendships blossom here.
A little tea humor
Coffee humor.