Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Traveling We Will Go

When we visited Hannah and Jake last week, we had the pleasure of enjoying an old fashioned bonfire. They had saved up all the wood from cleaning up around their property to have a bonfire. I love the country because you do not have all the city rules although I Have a few neighbors who occasionally bend those rules. The fire kept us warm on a crisp evening and we enjoyed conversation. The wind was not blowing on us so we never ever smelled the smokiness on our clothing or hair. Pure joy for me. I love the little things in life and always will. Simplicity is such a joyfulness for me.
The kids sent us this photo yesterday. They were enjoying an extra day together before Jake headed back to work. They have the loveliest home and we enjoyed their company. Hopefully we did not annoy them! HeeHeeHee!
Thinking of Ravi Zacharias today. Having lost this Apologist of the gospel only last week I am smiling as he has come full circle and has settled into Paradise. I will miss him and his heart for Jesus and his love of the gospel. I know sir, you are resting in peace.
A brilliant man with the most incredible heart for his faith. I am going to miss him very much.
I am not so interested in traveling the world anymore. I would rather  finish seeing our country before it is no more. Our quick trip to Hannah and Jake's made our week. We were refreshed and relaxed. Life is funny. It goes by fast. It is fleeting. Enjoy as much of it as you can.
This is a constant at our house. Doesn't matter what time of day or the year or the times. It is always Mister Kitty bullying the pups or Leo bullying the cat! I am unable to load anymore photos from our trip until my hubby has time to do it on his end. My phone does not have the storage space.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Aw....Mondays Ten Things of Thankful Love is.. and Much More

Here is an old photo. We celebrated Boots as a new kitten back in 1998. He was born on our wedding anniversary of May 3rd. I saved my post about him until Aw...Mondays. He was a devoted feline friend of mine his entire life, which was too terribly short. Hannah, Nick, Rebekah (holding Boots) and Colton. Harrison saw this photo and thought Colton was himself rather then seeing a photo of his dad as a kid. HaHaHa! It was too cute. I will always hold a special place inside my heart for Boots. As I sort through old photos I will share more. He was a real character and sat like a good soldier as the girls dressed him up in costume. If I tried this with Mister Kitty today I would have shredded arms and possible lose an eye because he is not a cooperative feline. I have often felt I have known true angels in my lifetime and Boots was one of them. I think he was sent to me directly from God. He came at such a good time where he made me so happy just by being at my side. He did not act like a snarky cat. He was kind and gentle and very sweet. Don't get me wrong, I have a good life with a great hubby and wonderful kids but he was there when I suffered from terrible migraines. He saw him though some difficult times. I will never forget him. Happy birthday while you roam the Rainbow bridge Boots. I love you my friend.
I was visiting Mimi and she is participating  with several others Ten Things of Thankful. So  I wanted to participate and share some of mine today, stop by Kris's and be thankful, share your thankfulness and thank her for hosting. I am new at this blog hop so I will learn as I go.
1.) Weather:  living in Colorado we natives we get use to crazy weather but lately, the beautiful days have made me extra thankful.
2.) Rain : the simplicity of the sound of hitting the windows and the fresh clean smell it leaves makes me happy and thankful.
3.) Good food: Thankful for all the delightful food we have had especially during the lock down. I forgot to take a photo before we indulged in our anniversary dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn with a tossed salad and homemade Bleu Cheese dressing. Yummy toast too.
4.) Health : happy to have really decent health and keeping that way with simple vitamins and good choices.
5.) Eyesight:  I have really awful eyesight but with corrective lenses I am blessed to be able to see clearly. As a child seeing my grandmother lose her sight when I was 8 years old made me extra thankful to have eyes to see with.
6.) Water :  always thankful not to take clean water for granted and having a fridge that pops out ice cubes automatically. Our ice maker went out and our handy son-in-law Zach and the hubby bought a new part and repaired it in a simple hour. Thankfulness galore!
7.) Springtime: looking around our yard and seeing butterflies making their fluttering sounds around the flowers and a bush in our backyard that is tarting to show many new signs of life is thankfulness for the simple things we enjoy. Love the smell of newly mowed lawns too and our back yard was a labor of love after ten years of mud and muck out there. Thankful for the simple smells of Springtime.
8.) Grandkids:  seeing the little ones in videos and drive by's in the car have been a thankful blessing.
The Baby Shark Boy Brody. At age two thankful for his parents who work with him to learn all his colors and reading every single day.  Love and am thankful for all the grands.
9.) Music:  thankful music is available to listen to anytime and anywhere. Having been raised by a father who loved country music as much as opera, I am thankful for a dad with such an array of beautiful music he shared with me as a kid.
10.) Good neighbors: extra thankful to live in a nice, quiet area with good neighbors who help out in times of need and are friendly and social. Thankful they are interesting and fun to be living nearby. is....right on que.
A google image of Jaipur Blue Pottery. I Had a high school friend who was an amazing artist and he made pottery, I had a few pieces and still do. Oneday I will post some photos. Thought I would share this beautiful image for Blue Monday
My eleventh thankfulness.
I hope your week is beautiful and blessed.