Friday, February 15, 2019

Memories Are Made of This

My mother told me many times this story of herself and her sisters waiting for the weekend so they could turn on the radio and take turns dancing with  their daddy. It hurts my heart that he was gone too soon from their lives. Tragedy knows no boundaries, no color or economic class, nothing. It steals from the very soul of those who know nothing but love.
Their generation had hope. That one day they would meet again. I can guarantee my momma is dancing in heaven with her own daddy and sisters.
Helen Keller was a remarkable woman of faith.
I do not know who the taller gentleman was but Ambrose was my parents boarder. He was an old bachelor and my folks had kind hearts. Mom took good take of him.
One of my maternal grandfathers sisters. I knew her as Mrs. Frances M. Her true name was Francesca. My grandfather was the lone boy with three sisters.
My daddy with some of his siblings and his parents.
My brother eddie (left) and cousin Kenny (right) and my sister Mary (angel). My cousin, the twins have both passed away. What a sweet photo at the Catholic parish where my folks belonged.
My Tata Rose, on her wedding day approximately 1908. My grandmother is in the back row and my grandfather is holding my Uncle Louie who just happened to be born in 1908.
Almost everyone loves the weekend. Enjoy yours!