Monday, August 31, 2020


I was visiting Big Boy (see the badge for BB on my sidebar).  He is not well but he has good parents and he is loved and cared for . I was thinking about my Remembrance Rainbow Bridge and the heartaches we all feel losing those fur babies we love so much. I watch Leo, as he gets older and because he is a large animal, I worry for him and am stern if he does not come inside. I just do not think the hard concrete is where he should be resting.  He likes to ignore me, but everybody knows that your mother knows best so suck it up buddy and come inside with me.
This was Leo on May 10, 2015 when he came to live with us. Leo and I butt heads often. I am strong willed. He is strong willed, it is an endless battle. But he is phamily so I care about him and love him. He was extra obnoxious today and naughty. I ignored him and he finally gave up and came inside. The weather is turning a tad cooler and I have to make sure he is safe and not lying on the concrete. It is not good for his big frame.
Leo met Lulu on 04/28/2018. She was so tiny, he was so big. But he is extra careful around the pups. He is the dad they don't have here.  Leo is a gentle giant. Sometime he will have a row with another dog, usually the larger ones but he just makes a low grunt when the pups overwhelm him.
May 21, 2019 - lounging by the backdoor. What? Why can't I lay here? Because I will break my head if I fall down the stairs and then you will have to wait for the kids to be off work so they can feed and care for you.
I think of all the captures I caught this one will always be my favorite. It was a time, long ago it seems, when a small boy called me "Ma" and enjoyed my company. It was a time when Leo enjoyed Harrison having finished his meals, it meant he could step in and lick his face clean! I miss those days. But boys grow up to be 4 and they have other things on their minds beside "Grandmother's". Leo is content these days as he has the puppies to occupy his time. But I hold these memories close to my heart.
I suppose the worn grassy areas are better to lay down on then the concrete driveway and walkways. July 14, 2020, a resting boy dreaming about the good life he found when he found us.
The world would indeed be better if people acting as faithful and kind as dogs act. Their unconditionally love is something most people lack.
I have a few neighbors that have slick dogs who escape their yards. I am the neighbor who does not like narcing. I simply say hey your dog is loose, you better help me catch 'em!

Common Core Math, I am not even sure if 2020 is the tip of the iceberg for the USA!
HaHaHa! This was too cute not to share.

We finally have our solar panels! Now we have to wait on the city and Excel Energy to come out and approve their work. We had a wonderful experience when Connor approached me outside in the front yard one evening. Then we met Andrew. The dogs approved of Andrew and even Thor who usually sits back, observes and growls and bark was trotting next to Andrew like "Hey buddy, be my friend ok?" LOL! There were some miscommunications but Andrew was cool and gave us some cash because my hubby took off the day we were suppose to get installed and it fell through. The company paid him a day's wages! The guys came out Thursday morning and I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus and Colton who worked on the roof installing the panels. Warren was the electrician and we had some good conversations throughout the day. They worked a 9 to 5 day here and we were pleased with the work, the panels and their CS ! Now the wait begins for Excel and the City. Neighbors who have panels already told us their energy bills are about $25-30 monthly. Try that times ten for a regular monthly bill for us. It will be nice to see the big difference.  We even met the co owner of the company, Fluent Solar. He told us the panels are the very newest and everyday day they improve them to be more efficient. We are quite happy.
Into the Fall we begin....enjoy the evening and the rest of this beautiful week.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

National Banana Split Day

If you are familiar with Kansas and Oklahoma you will know Braum's. This is a photo of an actual banana split you could get there. When Nick was attending college in Salina, Kansas we made a stop at Braum's. This cost less then four dollars last time we visited in 2017. Their story is fascinating and I like to visit local businesses whenever we get a chance to travel. Today is National Banana Split Day so you may indulge if you choose.
Sometime we order dinner from Cheddar's. They make an amazing salmon and the hubby loves their chicken fried steak. When you order a side salad you get a delicious made fresh croissant. They bake these daily. But I like to have mine with a cup of hot tea, no matter the temp outside is reading nearly 100!
Gave the twin son-in-law a jar of this goodness for his birthday. You don't think he likes it or anything do you? I found this company on line and their combinations were mouth watering. Going to try the peach salsa next.
A dab of this on a club cracker with a smidgen of cream cheese is so good.
Since I took off on the food is Nick's ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen. It is the only cake he loves.
Hannah said Franklin a/k/a Frankie Fresh was helping her print letters. Jake cleaned out the garage so she could set up the scroll saw and cut wood into letters. This girl is so talented. She loves painting and behind Franklin is something Hannah has been working on.
I belong to a hometown page at social media. I think guys relate to this more than gals. But some guys shared their own stories and I was crying from laughter. One guy said his dad was having a particularly bad day. He said he threw a screwdriver and barely missed him along with a long list of curse words! His brother, unaware if what was happening,  walked over and nearly was knocked down by another tool and curse words flying. This reminded me of the Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. Poor Ralphie, his dad was changing the balding flat tire while Ralphie held the hubcap filled with the lug nuts! Raphie let out a profanity, or the Queen Mother of dirty words as he called it. He did not enjoy that bar of Life Buoy soap his mom stuck between his teeth. Why this all reminded me of that movie, But these words are as true as these:
HaHaHa! I am not easily scared, as I was taught by some of the nuns who were direct descendants of Satan himself! I recently had a conversation with my oldest brother. He said, sister, God made you and me and Ed backward. Both of my brothers are left handed like me. We were a tough bunch. Those nuns could not crack us! HaHaHa! My sweet mom did everything left handed except write.  My momma could bowl! Oh Goodness, she was a terrific bowler and threw that ball with her left hand! Ha Sister Mary HE Double Hockey Sticks!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

1. I thought about this post for a long while. Our youngest son had a small birthday celebration on Saturday. So I am very thankful for my phamily. My husband, my five children, my six grandchildren and my ten great grands.

2. I am thankful for friendships that outlast the first moments we became friends. My friend Carole lost her precious mom this morning. Betty had been in hospice care since April 2020 at home with her youngest daughter Jene. Betty would have turned 95 this coming SONday. Ah....but God often has a different plan for each one of us. My heart aches for Betty's four daughters and the grandchildren and greats. The phamily will be at an earthly loss. But you have to remember God's got this! His timing is perfect. Our timing is often selfish .If you pray, please pray for this phamily. Their mom served in the military. She often told her youngest daughter it was one of the happiest times in her life. She wore that US uniform proudly. She kept it clean and pressed in the front of her closet.
3. I am thankful for my faith. I do not speak for everyone but without faith I can not love God. I can not know Jesus and I will become part of the world I do not cherish when I do not walk upright in my faith. I am a sinful being. I know this. I see what is going on in our world. America thinks keep your eyes on America. Keep your eyes all over the world including your home.  I keep my eyes upward. I wait on Jesus. It is what I believe. Grateful God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit have seen me through too many losses, one too many surgeries. If I do not love God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit I become empty.
4. Kindness: Thankful for many kindnesses in our world. You can not spread kindness then spew hate. The two are like oil and gasoline. You can not mix them together and have something good. I hear a child is bullied at school. I see an abusive relationship. I can pray and I can be kind. No judgement necessary. Reserve judgement for GOD.  Taste your words always, before you use them. Make it a habit. It is hard but so worthwhile.

5. Garden tomatoes: We have 6 tomato plants. They are giving us the fruits of their labor. My hubby bought a black cherry tomato plant. It literally produces tiny plum color tomatoes. They are heavenly. I am so thankful. I found an old post from a farmer blogger. They can their tomatoes via their Instapot. Thankful for gardens
6. Thankful for gadgets and good appliances. The Instapot is a wonderful invention. Grateful for this.We have a Ninja blender/food processor/smoothie maker. This is another thankfulness in my life. I am saving for a new coffeemaker which brews a whole pot of coffee or a single cup all in one. I am a tea drinker. The hubby loves his coffee.
7. Thankful for my country. We all come from someplace. My ancestors came from Eastern Europe. I remember as a child my grandfather telling me how he loved America and would not return to his homeland. As I have researched my phamily roots, I understand why he left and why he would not return. I am never offended by the flag of other countries. I will not be offended by my own country either. Thankful to be an American. I know many who chose to become American citizens. The ones I Know are grateful and thankful to be here.
8. I am thankful for radios! As a kid my girlfriend and I would barrel down the road on our bikes with a transistor radio strapped to the handlebar. I think I really love radios because as a small girl, my mother told me she and her sisters would line up to dance with their father. He would turn on the radio and dance with each one of his daughters. It was a happy memory for my mom, who at age 13 lost her daddy and older brother in a mining accident at Victor, Colorado.Radios make you use your imagination. Listening to a baseball game on the radio is special to me. You can hear the crack of the bat, and at one time, the roar of the crowd. Television is so overrated and there is so much mindless junk on it these days. I love the radio. My friend Bea is 90 years young. She still listens to talk radio as she did when I first met her in 1983.
9.  Thankful for a deck of cards. My hubby is a master of the Gin Rummy card game. Last night I shocked him and beat him two games in a row! HaHa! But I am scared now, cause he will beat me good next time we play! It helps keep your mind fresh! We play lots of different card games and Gin Rummy is our favorite. Give us a hot cuppa tea and a desk of cards. I will warn you, my late FIL was a card cheat (wink wink) a trick my hubby inherited. (wink wink).
We don't use giant cards when we play, just a regular deck. But we sure love playing.
10. This is probably a made in China game.We have the memory game courtesy of the Amish in Western NY. Our game sits on a spinning pedestal. We love it because we met the maker of the game. You sure have to be on your toes to remember where these colorful pegs are. We bring the games out at most of our phamily gatherings. Even the young kids set down their phones to play.We are thankful for these type of games and also for our memories that we try to keep sharp.

Thursday, August 20, 2020


Nick, our baby son turned 27 today. This is him in 2011 with his hero in Cross Country  Bernard Lagat. Nick won the Boys Open Cross Country Race at the Nike SW Cross Country in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a joyful day for Nick.Earlier in the year, he was struck down with shingles and it took him forever to get his energy level back up. We were so proud of that win! I remember running along to the finish line and screaming his name. It was an amazing day.Please visit Thankful Thursday
I miss those running days. Margot Kelly Photography told us we could use her photos as long as her watermark was on the photo. She took an amazing capture of this kid winning the race. The young man behind him was from New Mexico and was a top runner in his state.
Kansas Wesleyan University Track and Field and Cross Country. Some of Nick's friends from his college days.
Nick in December 1993. Auntie Ang, my favorite aunt, would have celebrated her 106th birthday but she went to heaven 20 years ago. Cancer, I Hate it, I despise it, it took her away from me too soon and as long as I live, I will believe she was not given the best treatment available for breast cancer despite having the premium platinum insurance she still carried through Uncle Louie's years as a railroader. She had crippling Rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and yet she sat and sewed for hours, cutting out patterns she often designed herself. She made the CHRISTmas stocking and she designed those pieces she added to each stocking and sewed those sequins on by hand. She was a remarkable woman. I miss here still everyday.
Auntie Ang was a real beauty. Her dad passed away and her mom remarried, my great grandfather Martin Videtich. But when each of them passed away they were buried with their first spouse. I feel blessed I was related to Auntie Ang twice. Once on my mom's side, since she married my mom's big brother. Then she was related to me on my dad's side, having had her mom marry my dad's grandfather.
They were a beautiful couple. My uncle was a true talented guy too. He knew Colorado History like he knew himself. He had a pilot's license and he always said he had lucky money. The more he gave away, the more that came back to him. They were both so generous and kind. It is hard living without good, kind, decent people in this mixed up ole world today. I know God broke the mold of these folks who were part of the "Greatest Generation" who ever lived.
Uncle turned 70 in 1978 and we had a big birthday bash for him. They were so good to all of us kids. They never had children of their own, but they treated us like royalty.
Nick and his big (little) middle sister Rebekah on her wedding day. She helped him through his college years as she is the phamily writer.
A favorite photo of mine from Jeremy and Brittany's 2016 wedding. Nick and I are both the youngest child so we get along famously.
Nick is easy going so he does not mind sharing his August 20th birthday with my day late celebration of Auntie Ang and her heavenly birthday. I am thankful to have Nick as my son and thankful for all the wonderful years I Had with Auntie Ang, even though they were much too short.
Whether they are here or gone away to their eternal home, I love all my loved ones very much. Somedays it is harder to love some and some days it is easier to love others. But all in all I was raised right and in my heart I know what is right. PHAMILY is always going to PHAMILY so my love for all of them remains. As Buzz Lightyear would say, "From here to infinity and beyond!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020

In The Middle of The HodgePodge

I'm not on time this week or most weeks. The days run away from me before I can get everything done or at least organized. To be fair this week, I am on my own with all the pets. The middle and her hubby went to Michigan to celebrate his 30th birthday with his twin sister! So that is the best excuse I have. The small pups require more attention than the big guy. Leo is perfectly happy lounging in the sun but the pups have to bug him or they chase each other in the area where he prefers to enjoy the sunshine.Life is funny most days so I certainly never have a dull moment!
Here is another reason why I am constantly late. My grandson drove the kids to the airport so I watched Baby Shea. Who can resist this cute girl? She is so animated and so sweet! I never miss the opportunity to be with this tiny girl.

1. August 12th is National Middle Child Day...are you a middle child? If not, where in your family do you fall in terms of birth order? Do you hold true to the typical characteristics of oldest-middle-youngest child? A quick list can be found  here: Birth Order Traits  . Elaborate.

I am the youngest . My husband and middle daughter are identical because they are indeed "the middle" child.

As far as holding true to the youngest child, I'd say yes. I am the definition of that youngest and I have read the books by Dr. Kevin Lehman. He was my hero as I was raising children with my husband. Dr. Lehman was also the baby so I could relate to him perfectly. Since our baby is turning 27 on August 20th he is exactly like me. My kids have often said they believe I favor him. It is untrue. He is the youngest, I am the youngest, we understand each other. I am fun loving and very uncomplicated. But I do not believe I was manipulative, self centered or an attention seeker. Perhaps I was a bit charming and often just had to look at my father and he gave in to me. My mother did not. My siblings were 16,14,7 and 5 years older than me. We were three girls and two boys. My husband and I have three girls and two boys. My hubby came from parents who had three boys and one girl.

2. Tell us about a time you felt like (Or actually were ) in the middle of nowhere.

The hubby, the middle and I were driving to Phoenix for a cross country race . Our youngest son was the runner. My hubby pulled directions off google. This was before GPS hit the market. We ended up on a two lane road, some of dirt and some of it paved. A large RV from Canada was in front of us and he would not move to the side so we could pass. As a result, we traveled in the middle of nowhere for three extra hours and once darkest hit found ourselves winding down a National Park filled with cactus and pine trees. That was the longest middle of nowhere ride ever.

3. What's something you're smack in the middle of currently?

Patiently waiting for our solar panels to arrive and be installed. Miscommunication twice has thrown us into a frustrating situation. After 2021 living in a democratic state where they want all the go green. if you do not comply with all these  go green things, you will be paying double and triple on your electric and gas bill! We have several neighbors who have done it already and feel it is well worth it. We would sure like to see for ourselves but that still remains to be seen!

4. What's a food  you love to eat that  has something delicious in the middle?

This is a tough one as I need to curb my sugar enthusiasm but there is the Voo Doo donut that is a custard filled donut with chocolate frosting on it. Then there are the cream puffs and eclairs that a local bakery in our neighborhood makes. It is a tough choice. Voo Doo Donuts is near downtown Denver so it takes a 30 minute trip to go there if there is no traffic.That bakery is too close for comfort. HaHaHa!
My mother was the original Queen of the Saint Joseph Cream Puffs from her Women's Glory in the Kitchen Cookbook. None can compare to her cream puffs made with fresh heavy cream and sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar.
I attended Saint Mary's Catholic School from grades K to 8. My fondest memories include many of the friends I still cherish to this very day. I was a shy kid and in my kindergarten class, the teacher was yammering on about something and I was terribly bored so I stuck my tongue out at her, having cupped my hand over my mouth. What I did not realize was that she could see me because I did not close my hand. Sitting in that corner "thinking about my sin" made me even madder. I was not terribly fond of the any teachers until the 5th and 6th grade. But as far as friends were concerned we all stuck together like glue. No one would ever dare "snitch" on anyone. We did the three Musketeers things, all for one and one for all! No one betrayed each other. Something which has become commonplace in our world today. Simply sad. In the 6th grade my grandmother and BFF passed away. The elderly nun Sister Adelaide took me aside and comforted me telling me she understood my pain and sadness. I later asked my mother how a nun could know my sadness. She said the sister lost a brother, who was a fire fighter. They were on a call and he flew off the back of the truck. Back in her day they did not have the safety equipment they have today. I never forgot her and when she passed away I remember my mother calling me and telling me that Sister Adelaide was 100 and had passed away. I was so saddened by her death I sat and cried. I will never forget her kindness.
Here is our 7th grade group photo I am the third girl from your right side with the short flippy hairdo. My best pal Karen is next to the teacher Mrs. Sandstorm. Our teacher was a nervous Nelly but she was quite kind and never hesitated to help you if you needed it. The boy smack dab in the middle, on the top row, was Joe Brown. I still keep in contact at social media sometimes. He always said those nuns gave him a daily beating but there was never a beating he did not fully deserve. He served in the U S Navy and went through Vietnam as well as Desert Storm and went on to work for the federal government. Many children were orphans, products of the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. We all got along because that is how we were raised and how we were taught. I am very grateful for the type of schooling I had as well as the wonderful parents too. Catholic schools always promoted the 3 R's - Reading, (W)riting and (A)rithmetic along with R E S P E C T something terribly lacking in today's society. They also encouraged Religion. Between my parents and Catholic school, which I attended until they were closed in my junior year of high school.I learned a simple thing: Everything good comes from GOD. No regrets attending this school and still keeping in contact with many of these kids today.

6. Insert your own random thoughts here:

Life is very strange today but my hope is in Jesus. Everything seems to be following the plan I see laid out in the bible. God is good. God loves all mankind and no one will judge anyone except for God. I Learned this in the kindergarten and it has stuck with me all through my life. I am an imperfect being yet God still loves me. I believe it to be true and it helps me navigate these rocky roads we are forced to travel in the life as we know it today.

Please join HodgePodge and share some fun there.

Thursday, August 13, 2020


Thirty years ago today my son-in-law Zach and his twin sister Alexa were born. They graced their parents Craig and Amy with a double gift. I asked my SIL if he would share some photos so I could write this post. I am sorry I am late but I my thoughts for both of these cuties is happiness. My SIL is a good guy. He is fantastic cook. He is friendly and kind and once gave me a birthday card that made me cry "HAPPY TEARS"! His sister is a beautiful young mom and wife. She and her hubby Jake have the cutest little girl Charlotte Rose.
These two were the cutest. Our middle Rebekah is very blessed being married to this fellow and I am guessing Jake is blessed being the hubby to Alexis. He is a NE Patriot fan so like my grandson Colton I love to tease them.
Happy birthday to two corkers! I think they kept their parents on their toes and they looked so much alike that it is a good thing they were a girl and a boy. Kudos to their mom for bringing them into this world. I think it is a better place just because they are here.
They remind me of my own grandsons the Big and Little brothers here. Big brother always makes sure little brother gets some kisses.
I love all these photos he allowed me to share. I am happy to wish them both a fabulous day since they are all together in Michigan having a mini phamily reunion for their birthday.
They look handsome and beautiful here. Perfect little gentleman and his perfect little sister a beautiful little lady.
Zach and Alexa in 2014. Zach has the curliest hair and he can pull into a short ponytail which helps when he is smoking a brisket all day long.
I wonder if their parents thought they were double trouble when they were small? They sure looked so sweet and innocent.
I wish Zach and ALexa a wonderful rest of 2020 and many more fabulous birthday trips around the sun!
Zach and Rebekah married in 2017 and here was a photo of them with his parents.
Giggles with Zach and Zach's twin Alexa. The wedding was a grand affair. My daughter planned in 57 days from statr to finish. I Love that Zach's mom had a bag full of lights in her car and that added a perfect touch to their wedding decorations since we all pitched in and did everything with only a pastor, a photographer, a caterer, a videographer and a DJ. Whewwwww....that was a beautiful day!
Brother-in-laws Jake and Zach after their race in Washington Park before all the chaos came to America.
I will close my post with a goodnight wish from the sLOVEnian stock I am from.
I hope you visit my other blog and see my very late Thankful Thursday  post
Sharing today's birthday with Zach and Alexa, is my childhood hero Annie Oakley, born in 1860. She is still a favorite of mine as a great American hero.