Sunday, October 31, 2021


 I have felt humorous lately.  But I have to get this ordeal that my husbands off my chest, I felt helpless. But lots of prayer and persistence and determination, it all worked out. Now I need to get him good and well. If you can not breath, you can not survive. I am dumbfounded, and will continue to be, that so many doctors are turning their back on patients. If you believe doctors are above you, you are sadly mistaken. I worked in the medical field from the medical school to the child development center to the hospital Admissions office, clinics and even an insurance company. I worked for a private practive surgeon. They are people like the rest of us plain and simple. They make mistakes. So do not put your whole life into the hands of people who are imperfect. Like anything else in life, you will be sadly mistaken or disappointed,

Now I love humor. I feel that humor has pulled me through some difficult times, like surgery, childbirth, death of loved ones. Along with my faith I think humor is good medicine. It can lift your spirits. Make you laugh out loud.   Cry happy tears!

When my mom passed away, a large floral spray was laid upon her casket. My sister was sitting next to me and nudged me. I recall the story of my own birth from the words of my sister. She was mads, unhappy I came into her life. So when a neighbor brought our mother a bouquet of flowers from her garden, my sister told me she had snapped the heads off the snapdragons in that bouquet.  We looked at the casket spray and my sis whispered, even in death mom is reminding me of that incident. Whenever I see snapdragons, I smile because of that story.

Having my very first neurosurgery I was scared nearly out of my wits. I was a young bride, recently married, had a young daughter and I was in a life or death situation. The doctor said before my surgery he would like to perform a lumbar puncture. OK so he wanted to stick a giant knitting needle into my spine which could possibly cause me to become paralyzed! He wanted a "rookie" doctor to handle the procedure. I said, send him over to your house and let him practice on your wife first! Needless to say, the doctor did perform that procedure on me himself. 

I love humor and love sharing it. So here are a few more for Aw...Mondays

What do you call the wife of a hippie? Mississippi!

It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs, they take everything so literally!

What did the Mayonaise say when the refrigerator door was open?  Close the door, I'm dressing!

Ok they are corny, but at least I bet you S M I L E D a little didn't you?

The year is nearly gone away. November is a bittersweet time for me so you will hear my silly humor more often.

Oh Love are right on!

"Bright eyes gladden the heart; good news refreshes the bones." Proverbs 15:30 NASB

Saturday, October 30, 2021



My goodness the month is nearly over. I Love November for the Thanksgivign holiday. I am sad and bittersweet too. My mother had passed away in 2001 on her own mother's birthday. So it is always hard. But my mom was a great cook and we celebrated Thanksgiving in a wonderful fashion.

All Saints Day costumes for the Catholic school kids. I was an angel and my sister was Sister Mary. This had to be the year I was in the second grade. My parents bought me that faux fur bolero jacket when I made my first communion. Wonderful memories and I get sad seeing posts from people judging those who send their kids out for Halloween. In 2020 I read an article regarding how people were feeling with all the hype going on negatively. Many people bought colorful lights to decorate their homes outdoors. I remember too someone saying cute out some pretty hearts and put them in your front window. I believe one is still there. People are often so busy judging other people and name calling and bullying that they do not see their own errors in judgement. If you pick up a bible and flip the pages to the Book of James, read chapter 3. You will learn valuable information about the tongue and how we use it to hurt, bully, slander and make others feel bad about themselves. Everyone is guilty of this too!  It is a sad world we live in so much of the times. Then you come along and find a kind soul and you feel like, life is not truly awful because someone was kind.  If you like Halloween fine, if not, still fine. Life would be horrid if we all acted the same way, did all the same identical things and looked and and agreed on every single thing!.

Tomorrow I may talk a bit about my husband and the severe asthma attacks he has been having. You don't have to agree with my thinking but you need to always put yourself in the shoes of the person telling you their story. 

My baby girl and her sweet husband left this morning to go home. I was sad, as I always am. It would be nice for them to be closer to us so we could visit more frequently.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Thankful Thursday


Please visit Thankful Thursday

Look how carefree leaves are. The leaves fall from the trees leaving them bare in colder months. Leaves don't worry. I want to be like leaves Thankful

Thankful for a serious boy with a blue mouth, who finished his blue lollipop. He was quite concerned and had to make sure I would check in on the Bronco/Browns football game tomorrow night.  This child is so smart and selfless. How he loves his little brother and big sister. Plus if you catch him when he is on a comedy trip, he will make you laugh out loud. Very thankful he is part of the fabric in our lives. Although he excels in cleanliness he is a comic like his father. He likes cleanliness because he is his mother's son too.  Lil bro and big sis were finishing their dinner. I said to this little man, your pants are going to fall off, you do not eat enough to keep a bird well fed. He had the silliest look on his face! He is what my mother always reminded me about children, a gift from God and priceless too. My mother and grandmother were filled with wisdom about all the important things in life. I am very thankful they were mine for all the years I had them.

I love music as you may know, if you hang around here. There is a beautiful country song that shares the way I feel particularly about my grandmother as she was taken when I was in the 6th grade. A long time ago but like yesterday in my life. I highlighted words in this song that remind me of my grandmother.  I believe our reunion will be amazing. She will have crystal clear vision and we will walk together in heaven's splendor. It willbe a grand time and nothing in this world will ever be able to compare to it.

I took the words from a Brad Paisley song called "When I Get To where I'm Going" and knew this song was going to be important to me when I see my grandmother and BFF again on the other side of this earth.

I'm gonna walk with my granddaddy (in my case my grandmother)
And he'll (she'll)  match me step for step
And I'll tell him (her) how much I missed him (her)
Every minute since he left (she left)
And than I'll hug his neck (her neck)

If the highest aim of the Captain is to preserve his ship he would keep  it in it's port forever.  Thomas Aquinas

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Wordless Wendesday

Happy Tuesday Tuesday Meme


Happy Tuesday

This Mollie is always up to something. She likes to steal cat food so I have to be vigilant keeping it away from her and her mom Lulu. They are so greedy for food and treats. Skinny lil things!

He is enjoying his freedom. Franklin will be here next week and they dislike each other intensely. Except Franklin gets the best of this one and he will hide on our bed and go out only to use his litter box.  I think, since Franklin was a rescue, he may have had an encounter with a bossy cat since he was chained. He is a sweet pup otherwise. He and Mollie are not pals either but the other pups think he is the greatest! Mister Kitty is terribly naughty to the pups and they fear him except for, yep, three lb. Mollie.  She will sit right next to him and he will glare like this but never make eye contact with her. He was best pals with Roxanne while she was terminally ill and I think he might feel he could not bear to lose another dear friend so he steers clear of them. Thoughts are my thoughts on it anyway.

Leo is looking forward to visiting with his brother, They try to tell me pets do not understand. Oh heck yes they do! If I say, Leo your brother Franklin is coming for a visit, he gets so happy and acts like a puppy. When Franklin is here they are the best of pals.

We have rain and it is a cool day. We have needed this rain so I can not complain. But I found this poem at google images and liked it enough to share. I collected our trash bins but still waiting on the recycle truck to stop by. It is cool and I had a wet head so I wore my hoodie when I picked up our trash days.

Oh Maxine, you come up with the best lines everyday. That poor pup. He looks so confused. Kind of like our world.

Be happy!  It is the best way to be in these times. Everyone has different opinions so I just stay in my own lane. 

 The sad news for me this week was hearing of the passing of Thelma Lou who portrayed Barney Fife's favorite gal on the Andy Griffth Show. Betty Lynn was one of the last surviving cast member. I don't think the Darling family were regulars but the gal who played Charlene Darling is still alive.  Also Elinor Donahue who portrayed the oldest daughter on Father Knows Best was also once a cast member but she and Andy did not have the on screen charisma. Betty Lynn, a/k/a Thelma Lou was 95 years young. She had entertained fans at the musuem in Mt. Airy, NC for many years.  What a loss, from a generation of happy souls.

If you follow Sean Dietrich you may know he wrote a beautiful tribute to Betty Lynn as he had the pleasure and honor of meeting this wonderful lady. Many of us remember Andy, Barney, Opie, Helen, Gomer, Goober, Howard,  Floyd the Barber and of course, Aunt Bee. Who could forget  the town drunk Otis Campbell and troublemaker Ernest T Bass. A classic show that remains in  the heart of many of us all these years later. Happy memories for a rainy Tuesday at my house.

TUESDAY MEME TUESDAY 4 in Memory of Toni Taddedo who started it all. 

1.What are your feelings about the month of October?

I love decorating and this year I am way behind. We have so much going on and everytime I think I will get into my Fall/Autumn treasures something else comes up. I think it is called life. 

Does it bring anything special to mind for you ? Do you have memories to share?

As a kid my mom made Halloween special. I attended Catholic school so we celebrated All Saints Day (November 1). My mom would help me create a costume and then for all Saints day I would go to my auntie Mary's house. She was a terrific seamstress and she had a closet filled with Saintly costumes. Lots of nuns, of different orders so always something and someone new to be. I always loved being an angel too. My husband's mom made all the traditional Halloween treats, carmel apples, carmel popcorn, sugar cookies decorated for the specific holiday.  We both had great childhoods.

2. Have you ever gone apple picking?

We had made plans last year to go to a cute orchard about any hour away but than 2020 happened. We still visited the orchard and ate fresh apple donuts, and drank apple cider and shopped their cute gift shop.

Pumpkin Picking?

When our kids were small we spent every year at a Pumpkin Patch. Now we go to the local grocer. Our middle is a great baker and she loves nothing more than baking pumpkin pies from scratch. 

Any kind of picking, including banjo picking at all?

No musical talent for me but I do love music!

Do you bake pies with those fruits?

My middle Rebekah does! But I do love all those yummy fruit pies? Especially during the cooler months. Sigh....

3. What is autumn like where you live?

Some years we have great autumn weather and colors particularly in the mountains. I just do not think it is ever long enough as Spring and Autumn are my favorite Seasons. We've been in the 70's lately but today it says 60 with rain on and off. It is really a cold day. A day for hot tea. Sigh.

How about where you grew up as a child?

I grew up as did my husband in Pueblo, 120 miles from where we live today. The leaves always changed and as you got into the high mountain country it was prettier. I feel very blessed to have lived in a beautiful state with glorious mountains. Today we are about an hour away from traveling to the mountains West of us. Growing up it was a mere 30-40 minute ride. 

4. Autumn is not the same as Fall. Fall is when the leaves are actively falling. What activities of Autumn/Fall do you enjoy? 

We love walking in the cooler weather. I noticed in my neighborhood there are gorgeous colors all around us. 

There is a rose bush and a bridal bush side by side in our yard so I snapped this photos as I was walking the recycle and trash bins to their place after pick up. My neighbor Mark built that cool shed behind us. He is in the construction business so he knows lots of great helpers. He did that by himself. He is very patient and smart.

 Do you decorate your home for the season?

Yes but I am falling behind this year.  I have all the cool velvet pumpkins, the scary Dracula candy dish that talks when it catches you snagging a mini candy bar "Trick or Treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat." HaHaHa the little ones love it. We have a couple lights resin pumpkin lights and other Autumn/Fall fare, I am a serious collector of all season decorating. Just late this year. we did add a fresh coat of paint to the front porch.

Praying for good weather so my SIL Jake can help me refurbish the bench. I want to paint the wrought iron a neutral color because eventually we will paint our trim, we do not like this green. We plan to get a concrete front porch, those bunnies are making huge messes everyday digging in the dirt to dig their way into the underground of the front porch. 
Thank you for letting me particiapte. Thanks Ann for the questions. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Aw...Mondays/ Love is.../ Sparks/




Connie from Iowa finds the best puns to share. I had to share it too. This was too cute. 

This Love is...should be us but here I am trying to catch up with my blogging. HaHaHa ...I will join him shortly.  Thanks to my sweet friend Marydon who hooked me into sharing these Love is... years ago when we blogged together here. We have a shoe box filled with these that I use to give to my husband before and after we married. These little gems are timeless.

 A grandmother's special calling is 

to pray and to be a fellow worker

in the battle in which her children

or her grandchildren are engaged.

          Elisabeth Eliott

A favorite Sparks even with Annie on hiatus.

Saturday, October 16, 2021



We have been so busy around here. Our kids are downstiairs repainting their bathroom. They have been at it for several hours. Rebekah uses a non toxic spray to prep the walls and they let it dry before going on to their next step. They will be sleeping late tomorrow as they are determined to get it done.  So we are all feeling like Kermit here. Not sad just dog tired.

My dad would say, "this is my pretty Patty". She was the firstborn. What a sister she was. So kind, so caring and taken away too soon. I miss her phone calls. She was the type of person who cared about you, truly cared. People say things but rarely mean them. My big sis Pat,  my sis from another mother and father Mollye and my sweet friend Vivian . Three human beings so were true to their core. They were the three kindest people I had the honor of knowing.  They are all gone but they made such an incredible impact on my life. My sis had the best smile. She was brave too. What a jewel in my phamily dynamics.  If she could see her grand girl Racheille and her great grand girl Paisley Joe  she would think she was looking into a mirror. 

The best mother ever! I was raised by her and will never listen to anyone saying anything unflattering about her. She worked hard while dad worked hard  too at the steel mill. She took care of us and all our needs at school and everything we needed while dad worked long hours. He was an excellent father. Anything good I have learned, it was from them. 

Oh Linus, you are such a wise boy.




Friday, October 15, 2021



My sweet mother. 1978 the year her only living brother, Uncle Louie turned 70. My mom was always serving people. She took care of everyone. She was a caregiver and she never complained. She was raised by a single mother after her father died tragically in the Portland Gold Mine cave in 1927. She lost her older brother Tony who was 17 at the time also. I often wonder what when through her mind. People  today have no idea what your loved ones went through to give you a better life. All we hear today is so much nonsense. Tiptoe around the ones who think the whole world owns them something. No one owes anyone anything.  

My parents were a team, my mother stayed at home and raised us. My father worked a difficult job and neither one ever complained. Today all we hear is complaining. 

Recently two women I know lost their fathers. Both women were estranged from them. Both went to see them before they passed away. The first women complained she tried  to reconcile and he would not budge. But I see him in her bullying  others as she always said he bullied her. Everything is  about herself,  never once does she stop to think maybe someone she is hurling insults at may be suffering as much as she says she was hurting when she could not have children. They may have a difficult job and work hard too. Maybe they have no one to talk to. It is easy to judge. My father would always say, you better be grateful that GOD is going to judge you and not people. I am grateful. I know how many people would and have judged me. It is a process, trying to escape such people. I find myself spending less time here on line. 

The second woman reconciled. She wrote a beautiful tribute on his passing. Different women, different persepectives. One still filled with anger and bitterness. The other one filled with love and forgiveness. I want to be like the second women.

It is hard in this world today. I am so grateful my parents are at peace, resting in eternity. My goal is to be there with them and it is so hard. It is so hard to be kind when others lash out at you. It is hard to be quiet when you want to yell and scream. This world is cruel, it is hard and yet once and awhile you meet a kind soul. Those are the moments and memories you treasure. 

I am so thakful for my husband. He is my rock. Logical, smart, kind, always looking for the good. Sometime he says when you share your heart and others won't listen sometime it is better to simply walk away and pray for them. 

Recently, Holly, who received a a clean bill of health on her leukemia disgnosis, said how do you like your bacon cooked!? I said I love crispy bacon. She chuckled and said, I don't like it too crispy. I said, see how different we are! It would be so boring to be exactly like everyone else. 

We are living in difficult times. There are those that want us all to be the same. Like good little soldiers or maybe robots. GOD never intened for us to all be the same. That is why He created each person from one unique mold.  Then He broke that mold. Have you ever met a set twins who were exactly the same? No, because they are their own unique person. How boring to think and act like everyone else. 

A prayer update. Amanda had the triplets. They are in the NICU and she was sent home. But her older kiddos are loving on her. Today the triplets  seemed to be better than yesterday so please pray for Nancy, Daisy and Charles. GOD is very good and He seems to be encouraging these little people to get stronger each day. 

Pray for Jeff and Simone as they transition from him being a part time pastor to a full time pastor. He has left a full time job he held for a long time and they are going to become responsible for their church full time. 

Pray for Holly as she keeps up with her doctor to make sure that leukemia stays away. She knows PRAYERS were answered for her and she is very grateful.

Keep praying for Jason dealing with the return of his cancer. 

Baby "E" is beautiful and she is growing everyday. Her big brother is loving her.

Charlotte is getting use to new brother Jackson but prefers mom to do everything for her instead of dad. 

I love praying for the little ones. They are precious little people and GOD loves them all so very much. 

There are so many needing prayer. I have a huge list of widows and widowers that I pray for each day.We can all use extra prayer. So please pray.

I think about everyone here who is so kind and caring. You are my people. I am going to get over to visit day by day. We have at least 100 things we need to take care of in the next two weeks so pray please. Tomorrow we have painting day. Oh my goodness, all the hard work somehow pays off. 

Life is hard, pray harder. Thanks mom for that one!

When nothing goes right....go left.

A tiny tot sad because her daddy left her to run an errand. She was very sad. This is a 100 percent Daddy's Girl. I can relate.....

Friday, October 8, 2021

Feline Friday Friendly Fill In's Pink Saturday

My feline pal needs a real cattitude adjustment.

Feline Friday 

I found this cat quote that purrfectly fits this very stubborn man cat. Mister Kitty has been a real pain lately.  Any ideas? He eats the very best high quality food. He is the king of his castle. He has bullied his way into taking the top of the love seat away from the pups so he can park his large self in the very spot they had loved. He also has moved into a chair that is comfy and the pups enjoy resting there. Now he sleeps on the couch downstairs while he plots stealing food from tiny Daphne cat.  He will plop down in the middle of the night in doorways and hallways just begging me to step on him so he can go into his drama act! He is a holy terror and I am not use to this. I have had feline pets before and this one is baffling. I think maybe a trip to the vet and a shot in his butt might help. I just don't know. 

He always looks like he is up to something.....

Friendly Fill In's

1. I wish I could train people to do their own research and not stop believing every single thing they are told by someone else.

2. I am planning to get healthier by walking more for myself . I know several people who are living healthier and won't share how or why. They are paying for diet plans and truthfully if something is so great that the whole world needs it. I find it insensitive and wrong that you can not share the secret to your "plan".

3. I know it is time to get comfy at home more often when the majority of people are walking around like zombies following specific people  as if they are above God Almighty.

4. I felt brave when we were raising our kids in a changing world.

Hello Pink Saturday and Hello Kitty. Thinking of Jessica Marie Baker, who left this earth at the age of 42 years in June 2021. Jessica, I know how much you loved Hello Kitty so whenever I see her, I think of you. I believe you were taken for a specific purpose. God always takes the good ones. I hope you are shining down on this world and all those you loved so tenderly. I believe you are at peace and perhaps one day we will meet on the other side. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021


 Six Little Stories With Lots of Meaning

1. Once all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of the prayer, all people gathered, but only one little boy came with his imbrella. That is faith.

2. When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will catch them. That is trust.

3. Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the next morning, but we still set the alarms to wake us up. That is hope.

4. We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future. That is confidence.

5. We see the world suffering, but still, we get married and have children. That is love.

6. On an old man's shirt was written a sentence  " I am not old; I am sweet 16 with 64 years experience." That is attitude.

Have a happy and thankful day and live your life like these stories. Remember-  Good friends are the rare jewels of  life, difficult to find and impossible to replace! Thankful Thursday

Ellen and Lorianne co host Friendly Fill In's. They each think up these four sentences. I will look forward to seeing everyone's answers tomorrow. S M I L E

1. I wish I could train______________to_______________.

2. I am planning to get ________________for________________.

3. I know it's time to ______________when________________.

4. I felt brave when I __________________.

Come back gtomorrow for our answers. Have a wonderful day.




Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Happy Tuesday, Tuesday 4, Kitchen Dreams

 Welcome to Tuesday 4. This is in memory of Toni Taddeo who hosted previously. Pamela selected the questions so I want to thank her and linked her blog here. I appreciate all the people who give their time and energy to these blog hops. THANKS Pamela!

1. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So tell us about your kitchen:

I have two windows in my kitchen. I like this one over the kitchen sink as it looks out on our backyard. when those naughty pups are barking at the new neighbors (in the Bermuda  triangle) annoying, barking dog, I can open my window and call them inside. Hanging on the right side of this photo is this cool gizmo my grandgirl Addy gave me for CHRISTmas one year. If we ever cover the back patio, I would love to hang it there as it moves with wind and is very pretty. Plus I think of her each time I am at my kitchen sink. My sweetheart of a husband Avery, like his late mom Rita, loves the color red. Thus the deep wine colored curtains. The kitchen is smaller and I would like white cabinets but these we brand new when we moved here 11 years ago Thanksgiving weekend 2010. They are the dark cherrywood. 

I love our kitchen table because we can gather around it, the five of us, here, and enjoy a meal together. I change the tablecloth to match the season or holiday and this one is a favorite of mine. Rebekah bought the two tier baskets that hold fruit and veggies. The tomatoes on the side are from our little garden. Grateful for that.

2. What is your favorite part of the kitchen?

My mother had this very famous portrait "The Gleaners" hanging in our living room. When we moved here, my husband had this canvas made for me from a reproduction of that portrait. I would have preferred to have my mother's copy of the painting, but that was not to be. It is very special to me for two reasons. My mother told me the story of the gleaners and reading my bible, one of my most favorite women was Ruth. She gleaned those field early in her new world after the loss of her husband and sons.. She followed her mother-in-law to this place. I think Ruth was a remarkable woman who loved God and had a strong and brave heart. 

NASB But Ruth said, "Do not plead with me to leave you nor turn my back from following you; for where you do, I will go,  and where you sleep, I will sleep. Your people shall be my people and your God, my God."  Ruth 1:16

I can sit at my kitchen table, drink a cup of tea and read my bible. I often glance up at that canvas and it fills my heart with many good memories from my childhood and the mother who was faithful and kind, who raised me.

2. If money were no object what would be your dream kitchen?

There was a blogger years ago, when I first started to blog, who had the most amazing kitchen. Her blog was called  Sugarpie Farmhouse. Her kitchen was so beautiful and she designed it. I would have a massive area for eating meals on special occasions with a crowd of loved ones. I would have a huge walk in pantry so I could store my collection of pots and pans, tea collectibles, canned goods, etc. there.  Tonya,  I know who helped design their 7000 square foot home on land in Kansas has so many great ideas too. Each one of their four children were able to design their own bedroom. The wonderful farming communities and the Mennonite men put up their framing in a simple and quick process. That home will withstand any wicked storms until the end of time.  I would just have a comfy and cozy kitchen with a roaring fireplace and lots of seating for anyone who wanted to stop by and visit. 

3. Tell us about a favorite memory from your kitchen , or  kitchen from your past, perhaps your mother's kitchen or your grandma's kitchen.

My very favorite memory is my mom rolling the dough to make noddles for chicken noddle soup and my sweet blind grandma cutting those strips of noodles with a sharp knife as if she could remember exactly how it was done before she lost her sight. Those noodles were cut in thin strips and the soup was always excellent because my mom and her mom put love into the work they did to make the soup. If I close my eyes, I can smell the different smells that came from that delicious soup. It will always be my most favorite kitchen memory.

4. If you could invite anyone in the wolrd (past or present) to come visit with you in your kitchen, who would it be, and why?'

My mom and my grandma. They will always be the two women that sacrificed so much for us. I would make soup with them and I know my grandma would be so happy to sit there cutting the strips of noodles for me. She was so smart, very kind, very compassionate . I would tell my mom to bake some of her light as a feather bread for us too. I think about them everyday and I miss them and look forward to being with them in heaven, hopeful someday soon.

When Harold, my husbands Canadian co worker was at his office he gave us this beautiful frame that holds a calendar . I think of Harold and Diane everytime we change the month. The frame matches our kitchen cabinets. They were so thoughtful.

I found this framed  hand stitched  Bless This Home at the thirft store when we moved her in 2010. It hangs above the door as you enter the kitchen from the backdoor. Happy! Happy Happy Tuesday!

Now I need to visit everyone who is participating in this today. Thank you everyone. 
Thank you Happy Tuesday - Sandee you are the best, a real kind hert and your share today made me laugh so hard!

Monday, October 4, 2021




Aw...Mondays--- My brother was fortunate enough to see Big Boy, the classic Steam Engine when it passed through Denver during the Labor Day weekend. This engine weighs over a million lbs. and the  engine had over one million miles on it when it was taken out of service. It was in a railroad museum until it was restored and used for the 150th anniverary  of the opening of the continental railroad! It is kept in Cheyenne, Wyoming in a large roundhouse.

I love trains. When I was a kid my father took us on many road trips, primarily to visit my big sister and her phamily who resided in military towns across the country. Sometime we were able to ride the train. What a wonderful mode of transportation. I like to see where I am going and I love looking out the window. If I could, I would travel by train everywhere in my country.

 I  love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks
 slow moving trains, and rain.
 I love little country streams, sleep without dreams Sunday school in May and hay.

And I love you too

I love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friends
Birds of the world and squirrels
I love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pups
Bourbon in a glass and grass

And I love you too

I love honest open smiles, kisses from a child
Tomatos on the vine and onions
I love winners when they cry, losers when the try
Music when it's good and life

And I love you too

Words and Music by Tom T. Hall

Please stop by and visit Aw...Mondays