Saturday, October 16, 2021



We have been so busy around here. Our kids are downstiairs repainting their bathroom. They have been at it for several hours. Rebekah uses a non toxic spray to prep the walls and they let it dry before going on to their next step. They will be sleeping late tomorrow as they are determined to get it done.  So we are all feeling like Kermit here. Not sad just dog tired.

My dad would say, "this is my pretty Patty". She was the firstborn. What a sister she was. So kind, so caring and taken away too soon. I miss her phone calls. She was the type of person who cared about you, truly cared. People say things but rarely mean them. My big sis Pat,  my sis from another mother and father Mollye and my sweet friend Vivian . Three human beings so were true to their core. They were the three kindest people I had the honor of knowing.  They are all gone but they made such an incredible impact on my life. My sis had the best smile. She was brave too. What a jewel in my phamily dynamics.  If she could see her grand girl Racheille and her great grand girl Paisley Joe  she would think she was looking into a mirror. 

The best mother ever! I was raised by her and will never listen to anyone saying anything unflattering about her. She worked hard while dad worked hard  too at the steel mill. She took care of us and all our needs at school and everything we needed while dad worked long hours. He was an excellent father. Anything good I have learned, it was from them. 

Oh Linus, you are such a wise boy.





Martha Jane Orlando said...

I love Linus' wisdom, too, Anne. And like you, I'm grateful for the parents who loved and raised me with values. How I miss them both!

The Feminine Energy said...

Patty's whole face is smiling in this picture... not just her mouth. What a woman I'll bet she was, Anne. I'm sure you miss her greatly, as well as all those who have gone before you. Gentle hugs~ Andrea xoxo

pilch92 said...

I am sorry you lost Patty so young. XO

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Feeling sad for you that you lost your sister so young. She does have a beautiful smile.
Love that bit of wisdom from Linus. So true.

messymimi said...

Your sister was beautiful, and i am so glad you had a mother worth emulating.

Ratana said...

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carol l mckenna said...

Sad about losing your sister ~ she is 'watching over you' ~ loving and fun post ~ Xo

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