Thursday, January 24, 2019


It is undoubtedly me but for some reason half the time I post a comment somewhere it shows up at this blog and the rest of the time at my Phamily Blog. JUst checking in to say hello if you stop here go to my first blog Phamily Blog. I am hopeful one day I will have someone show me the ropes to change sites for my blogs so I do not run into this craziness.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


A share I had to pass around. It was too cute but so truthful!
I found this mug at Target for fifty cents. I think I really got a bargain!
This one too. But this one made me think, stop fretting over blogger and the fact that comments won't appear. Just blog anyway and have a backup journal on line.
This made me smile. I keep my bucket list private but will share this: we are heading to the Florida Keys this year, God willing. Since our son-in-law Roger grew up there we are trying to cajole him into being our tour guide. Also an 8 hour drive to Epcot isn't phasing this girl. Actually to get to the Epcot Center from the Keys requires 633 miles or 6 hours and 35 minutes of drive time. But I should stop, this is not exactly cajoling him into being our official tour guide. Shhhhh.......
Rebekah wants to get her daddy to the beach. Unlike me, he has not been there. I have vivid memories from my visits to the Gulfport in Mississippi. Watching  boats and such travel past my window from the hotel in New Orleans, pre Katrina. Remembering my late brother-in-law Gary dragging me into the middle of the water at Myrtle Beach, SC. It was beautiful once I realized he was not going to let go of my hand. California beaches and of course, Galveston. Do you know that seagulls will poop on the head of a small child? They just do not care. Now until the day she passed away, my Auntie Ang claimed that I yelled out a curse word or two! My parents were saints, bonafide saintly people who, in my lifetime with them, never heard either one utter a "bad" word. My Uncle Louie was a master of cursing. Particularly in traffic and since he took everyone of us kids to the Dairy Deluxe in Bessemer for a Bongo Banana in it's heyday, I am sure we all picked up a few inappropriate words. I know I did for a fact. I can still feel the taste of Lifeboy soap being grated across my teeth by my mother. Something she only had to do one time. Spitting soap between your teeth is nothing to dream about! The taste never leaves your mouth.

This is something I am hopeful for in this new year. If you read  my blog but don't comment for whatever reason, this is a perfect blog for you. If you comment, and I love them, I will find out how to make them magically reappear again.