Saturday, November 4, 2017


I came over to post and tell everyone who has followed me thank you. Originally, before my make over was complete, I was able to see comments. I keep posting and I am not seeing comments, I was frustrated because I have zero skills for this type of technology. So since I am knee deep in a Tea Cup/Tea Mug Exchange with Sweet Stephanie and ran into a little glitch regarding delivery, I decided, I would remain faithful to the vendors I use and take a breathe and offer a giveaway related to tea here too.
Am I confused? Goodness, yes! Trying to make decisions with the upcoming December wedding  for Rebekah and Zach, has my brain on overload.  I thought a nice giveaway would be in order.
Chocolate may be involved too.  Here are the easy peasy instructions to enter this giveaway. Please please follow me here, leave a comment but in that comment tell me what type of chocolate is your favorite and also what is your favorite color!  Finally, do you love tea and/or coffee? Any favorites? If you do not have a blog leave your e mail so I may reach you if you are one of the winners! Just answer those easy questions in the comment section. I will make an announcement at Face Book and Instagram too so everyone can be included.
I hope you will come over and visit me occasionally.  Although  my plate is full,  filled with wedding dazes and new babies coming our way , I try to post at each one of my blogs. It is ultimately a journal for me to look back on and I love my blogs and all the friends I have made as a result of them. I hope my children and grands will use these blogs as a peek into their heritage here, I love when my relatives tell me they have stopped by. It means a lot to me to have so much love in our sometime scary world. I love knowing each one of you that do blog and hope we can all continue this journey.