Tuesday, May 7, 2019


It is rainy here. But I love it. It doesn't love my sinuses or allergies but I love the cool air. I love seeing the fog float across the sky. If it doesn't flood, I will love it more. But being grateful, It is a gift. Everyday something beautiful surrounds you. Someday's you have to look a little harder to find it but trust me, it is there.
Social media is filled with this toxic feeling. Nope, not here. Do not want it.
When I feel negative and I have! Especially over the weekend and the Kentucky Derby. But I can still love the beauty in all the magnificent horses. I can not change the world, I can only be better where I am. I saw something sweet recently.
I read a piece about a young black teen shopping in a Dollar General store. He completed his purchase and noticed an older white woman struggling to get out of her car. He set his purchase down and told his cousin he was going to help the elderly lady in the parking lot. His aunt video taped him without his knowledge. The lady apologized. Said she was a bit shaky but needed a few items. He took her arm and guided her into the store and helped her shop. He said he was a bit taken back by the number of grown people who just ignored her. I emphasize their skin color only because we hear so much negativity but very few of these types of wonderful stories.
I always feel better when I can hand out kindness. It is free and it feels good to do it.