Friday, March 3, 2023

Feline Friday Friendly Fill In's and Pink Saturday

 Feline Friday

Thank you Mimi for hosting. 

Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow.  Ellen came up with the first two and   co-,host  Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with second two.

1. __________________ is always ________________.

2. Did you ____________?
3. I know _________ all too well.
4. I can’t explain _________

My answers here:

1. Strength is always found in difficulties. 

2. Did you ever have an easy life, or was it difficult?

3. I know heartaches and hardships all too well.

4. I can’t explain why life is so hard, but I know it is going to reveal reveal good things 

Please visit Pink Saturday

Between our son Jeremy's obsessed with baby goats and my friend Angela saying she would dress up her goat girl in this outfit made me S M I L E !  Even goat girls are pretty in pink.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

That little goat is precious! Blessings, Anne!

stevebethere said...

Aww! Made me smile and the pretty goat heheh!
Have a muscletastic weekend 👍

Brian said...

Cats can ignore better than most. Those are good fill-in answer and I love that cute goat!

pilch92 said...

Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I have been blessed in life and not had a lot of hard times. Adorable baby goat. Xo

messymimi said...

Awww! A fun post, top to bottom.

Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

Nancy Barber said...

Fun post for Pink Saturday! Have a wonderful week.