Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Happy Tuesday


I am always happy when I remember these strong and beautiful women in my life. My grandmother was my absolute favorite person ever on this earth! My mom;s oldest sister, Auntie Mary was a kind soul. She cared for any animal anyone needed help with. Her mother-in-law Mrs. Mishmash was a kind lady. She had an incredible green thumb and after her passing, my aunt turned her bedroom into a mini greenhouse with so many beautiful plants and flowers. The windows in the room caught the sun at the perfect time of day.  Happy Tuesday

"When humor goes, there goes civilization." Erma Bombeck

Oh Loretta, when I have a bad day I look to see what Loretta is up to. When I am having a great day, I look to see what she is up to. Sometime people don't get her humor, but if you can't laugh at these silly things you just aren't living right.

This one made me laugh! When I was a young woman, I loved Tequila. Then I got married and had kids. Traveling with a friend, when my kids were small, we went to a bar to meet her friend and a gentleman wanted to buy me a shot! I said, only if you have the ambulance on standby because I have small kids, I don''t do that tequila shot stuff anymore." I prefer Shirley Temple's like my childhood when my mom would take me to the bowling alley on Tuesday afternoon. We stopped at Gus's Place where they made the best Dutch Lunch and my mom and her friends would have a beer. Gus or his son Freddy would always bring me a Shirley Temple. I can smile about the humor and the silly jokes Loretta shares.

With the price of lumber today...I better not catch those woodchucks chucking wood.....

Goodnight... sleep well. May a new day dawn on you and be filled with love and happiness and new blessings. 


Ginny Hartzler said...

You gave me a good laugh.

Sandee said...

Love the funnies. You made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day, Anne. Love and hugs. ♥

messymimi said...

Heeheehee! Thanks for the laughs.

Terra said...