Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Happy Tuesday Tuesday 4 Maxine Cracks Me Up and More

 1. What was life like for you as a child of elementary school age? Friends, games, TV, music, food, interests?  Tell us about it won't you?

This is me and my husband Avery when we were in the kindergarten. I attended parochial school, Saint Mary's Catholic School from k to 8. Avery attended  Spann Elementary School. He has been best friends with Tom Firestone since they were in the second grade. They talk on the phone at least once a week, and they act like two teenagers! It is refreshing to see my husband reminisce and laugh out loud with his buddy.  I was very shy until I turned 12. Avery was a typical boy and they rode bikes like we did. I love reminiscing . Some of my lifelong friends from school I keep in touch with, Carole Dean and Carol Jean, Boyd, Richard, Judy. Avery and Tom have remained close since the 2nd grade. They have seen each other through tough times. But they love laughing and talking about current events as well as their memories. Both of our mom's were stay at home when we were small and they cooked many of the same dishes we prepare today. SMILES!

We were in the third grade here. I highlighted our photos in turquoise as that was the color of the sweater I was wearing. I have vivid memories of my wardrobe even though we wore uniforms at Catholic school.

My sweet husband in the 4th grade. He was a snappy dresser back than.  Still has the sweetest smile. I was wearing glasses in the 4th grade, I might frighten you with that photo but I had the cutest outfits from Crews-Beggs Department store, girls section. He is wearing a sweater, I wore a a red knit jacket with a pleated navy blue skirt. I am grateful for the memories and the ability to remember so long ago.

2. Moving along to the teen years would you mind sharing some of the same things with us? What were you interested in?  What did you watch on TV or listen to on the radio?  Tell us all about you as a teenager.

I was a Central HS Cat behind big blue in 1972 and he was an East HS Eagle! He was into wrestling and I loved skiing.  Avery was a sprinter who ran the hurdles. I did not get into running until after school and did not compete. Music was everything to teens back than.  Roberta Flack sang  "The First Time ever I Saw Your Face".  "American Pie" by Don McLean and  "Brand New Key" by Melanie were in the top 100 when we graduated from high school. But in 1972 my father-in-law Carl read an article that asked high school seniors across the country what one thing they wish their parents had done differently. The largest majority of students said, I wish my parents loved me enough to tell me no and take a more personal interest in me. Avery & I were blessed. Happy that our parents took that interest.

Avery's Mustang, boy did he love that car! He owed two of them and wishes he still had them. 

3. Would you share your college or young working years with us?  Did your interests change or grow in your late teens or early 20s?  Did your friend come or go?  Did you live at school or home or have a place of your own?  So many questions only you can answer.

I attended college for two years with the intent of being a Special education teacher. I left school to work full time at the Pueblo County Courthouse in the County Treasurer's Office. Avery attended two years also and we were both at Southern Colorado State College in our hometown. He opted to travel and worked as a hod carrier on the Eisenhower Tunnel up in the mountains . He traveled and lived in Las Vegas, KC, and  Provo Utah where he hung out with friends who attended Brigham Young U. I lived at home until 1983 when I came to Denver to live and work.  Same friends, in fact, Lynette, one of my longest friends from childhood as small toddlers, just shared a conversation with me today. We have many good memories.

 4. And lately... what are the topics occupying your mind right now? How have things changed in your life in the not to distant past. Are you okay with the changes?

We have a nice life.  We have had our share of trials and loss and sadness but somehow we muddle through it all together. We'd rather be with Jesus but we hope and pray we will be when HE returns.  We watched two little ones yesterday, Blake our 2 1/2 year old grand boy and Shea, our 21 month old great grand girl. Oh the stories we have to share. Both of us have a very solid relationship with Jesus. I am grateful, happy and thankful all in one that God sent this incredible man to me.


That wraps up Happy Tuesday here too. 

Oh Maxine you always have something to say on all subjects!


Sandee said...

Love the Q and A. I learned more about you. You and Avery have been around each other all of your life. How wonderful.

Love Maxine. She's my kind of gal. That last photograph is so precious.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a blessed day and rest of the week. Big hug. ♥

pilch92 said...

Nice to learn more about you through the questions. Cute photos. XO

Mari said...

I enjoyed reading more about you and your sweet Avery. I graduated in 78, so not too far behind you. I was also blessed to have parents who cared and showed great interest.

messymimi said...

What a joyful life, to marry a childhood sweetheart and stay together through thick and thin.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

What a sweet love story this is, Anne! Not many people marry and stay married to their high school sweetheart, so your story is quite unique. Thanks for sharing!

Mevely317 said...

I just love your and Avery's stories! These priceless imagines! Your teen pix looks like you could be on the cover of Seventeen magazine!
For a myriad of reasons, I haven't many memories of my 'formative' years. That's a good thing, in that I'm nothing like the girl I once was.

Annie said...

Thank you for joining in! What a wonderful post I enjoyed reading about your life and your love for Christ! I hope you join in often.

R's Rue said...


Dogmom Diva said...

Love your memories! I have many of the same!