Monday, February 28, 2022



Happy Tuesday I wish I could get the video of this girl up. She is a little "Pistol Packing Petunia".  She had gone to the front door and licked it. Her grammie Noelle very nicely said "Shea, don't do that.' Shea proceeded to go to the other side of the glass and lick that glass fast like a fur baby take s a drink of water. She is something else. Then her papa said, "Come sit by me and be quiet." very nicely because she adores him! This is what she did. "You be quiet, here let me help you!" This is the girl Dr. James Dobson had to write the "New Strong Willed Child: book about! That sweet face is a real crack up. She has a very good partner in crime. It is my grandson Blake. I heard they shook down all the kids at her house Saturday night for toys the other kids were playing with. Blake is very verbal and if you tell him something he does not want to hear he says "I'm not talking to you anymore Grandma/Grandpa/Shea. Just fill in your own blank.  Come to think of it, I wonder if Dr. DObson had some ideas from both of this toddlers?!

Maxine, are you thinking of me? I do this at least once a day! Where is that phone when I need it. If the person I am talking to catch's what I said, they will say,  in a snarky tone, lol, aren't you talking on it? Oh H U S H!!

February flew by. We will see if March agrees and flies away too. It is our windiest month so hang on to your hats! Sometime the snowiest too. Shhhhh.......

Have a wonderful day.


March winds will fly

They will blow away your hat.

Somedays will be snowy,

So don't forget that!

The weather will be wacky,

The  Ides of March are near.

A date with Spring is blooming

But keep your winter coat and boots.

As Spring will turn to snow or

Sometime it rains and showers

But remember April is near

Then you will have a full bouquet

When May flowers do appear.


My GBGV Life said...

Mom is always having a panic that she lost her phone only to realize it is on her ear because she is having a phone conversation! Same with her sunglasses!

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Those grands are a handful, indeed, Anne! But I doubt you'd have it any other way.
Yes, March is definitely an unpredictable month. We do need to hang onto our hats.

Sandee said...

They are fun though no matter what they do. I was a whirlwind when I was little too. It's far more fun.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Love and hugs. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Oh m'gosh, I'm DYING over here! That expression on Shea's face and your retelling ... I can't even!
Fasten your seatbelts!

Mari said...

She is a hoot! My daughter was the original Dr Dobson strong willed child. I appreciated that book. Then she had a little girl just like her and now apologizes to us for what she put us through. :)

messymimi said...

The children sound like a hoot.

A true story i read in a parenting magazine will make you feel better. A homeschool mom was sitting at the table nursing the baby, instructing the six-year-old in math, watching the 2-year-old play on the floor and the 4-year-old string macaroni to make a bead necklace when she suddenly looked up and yelled, "Wait! Where's the baby?"

Her children looked at her like she was nuts, staring pointedly at the baby in her lap. She said she they all laughed until they cried.

Susan said...

Oh Anne, is that little petunia your granddaughter? She is a kicker and a half. Totally adorable, too. It was so nice to see you stopped by Writing Straight from the Heart today and commented, too! Thanks so much! Stop by any time. Take care and have a good rest of the week. Love the colored hand for Ukraine. My heart is breaking for the people there, especially the children. Susan