Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Happy Tuesday


Happy Tuesday

Home Sweet Home

 Welcome once again to  Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4
where we hope you will stretch your mind, your imagination and your friendships online by sharing a bit of yourself with others.

This week the subject is Your Home .

1. What kind of home do you have and does it need repair or improvements this year?

Our house was built in 1964. One story with a full finished basement and detached two car garage. Always in need of repairs. Yesterday, the plumber was here, new kitchen faucet set up. It is always something.

2. How do you accessorize your home inside and out?    Plants, art, books, wall hangings, maybe music in the background?

I do have a plant room, use to be our son Jeremy's bedroom and later our daughter Hannah.  We have a bed and dresser in there and a mini fridge and full size TV. The plants love the room because of the light facing South.

3. What objects reside on your coffee table? Night stand? Side tables? Kitchen/Dining table?    My night stand has essential oils, a pineapple shaped lamp and odds and ends. 

4.  Do you like your kitchen organized and with counters cleared off or do you prefer to have  the things you use often out on counters?     Do you mind  what some might see as clutter or do you hate having to dig out tools and appliances  when it comes time to use them? and prefer to have them within easy reach?

Our kitchen is a disaster right now. We have to reconstruct the shelving underneath the sink and there is stuff everywhere. Our kitchen is tiny so clutter abounds. I dream of a big and beautiful kitchen but alas, not to be in this lifetime!
We have so many pots and pans and gadgets and such. I do keep my pretty Kitchen Aid sitting on the counter always.

Oh Maxine, you are my hero! 


Sandee said...

I love the Q&A. I learn so much about you. Hubby and I have agreed that we're going to keep our new bathroom counters clear of clutter. We'll see how that goes.

I love Maxine. She's my kind of gal and the kitty is adorable.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Anne. Love and hugs. ♥

Visits With Mary said...

Your kitchen aid is so pretty, I'd keep it out too! Happy Tuesday4

Mevely317 said...

Interesting look inside your home, Anne! For some reason I thought there was an upstairs. My mother used to have a green thumb like you; I do well not to kill the one philodendron I have!
You're right, there's always something!

carol l mckenna said...

Home is the best ~ no matter what ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Your home sounds homey and comfortable and it looks lovely. I have a Kitchen aid mixer similar to yours (mine is white), and it stays out too, because it is too heavy to keep moving. However I don't use it as much as I do my old Sunbeam mixmaster, which is lighter weight and easier to handle. (and I think it still works better, but that's just me! LOL) It's funny what we get used to and we don't like to change. My MIL was like that. I'd buy her new fangled things and she'd try to give them right back to me. She always liked her old fashioned ways of doing things better. At the time I didn't understand, but I do now! I must apologize to her when I see her again in heaven. LOL. I hope you have a wonderful week. I enjoyed your post. I hope you get the cabinets fixed soon in your kitchen. I know how frustrating that can be. (((hugs)))

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your mixer is beautiful, and looks brand new. Love your plants, I have a plant room as well. Is this your kitty? He looks like our Simba. His blanket is gorgeous!

**Syl said...

A plant room! That'll be nice to be there. I used to enjoy plants in the house a lot.
We're having a small kitchen too. I gave away a lot of pots and pans to the children when they moved out. We don't need as much anymore. Like you I can't put away some appliances. Coffee machine.. etc. I would love to have an air fryer...but where to put it??

Enjoy your week!

Brian said...

You did good with those answers and heck yes, bring on the forest animals!

annie said...

Nice house! I always wanted a kitchen aid but now that I am alone it doesn't matter anymore.
Thank you so much for joining in.

Mari said...

I've enjoyed this post! I may copy it next week. :)
My kitchen is small too. I would love lots of storage, but then again, it would let me collect more stuff!
I have a kitchen aid, but it's black. I love your color!
No plants in my house - I kill them...

pilch92 said...

Our house was built in 1947 so we always have something wrong too. I love your mixer, beautiful color. XO

messymimi said...

I know what you mean about a house always needing something. I hope you get your cabinet situation straightened out soon.

Maxine is right!

Lori said...

Your home is beautiful! I love your plants! Loved your answers! Have a nice week. ♥


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Because my husband is the chief cook and I'm the chief bottle-washer, our kitchen is highly organized, and we only have the items we use on a regular basis out on our limited counter space. Even our microwave is on top of the refrigerator! Small spaces can work fine when you help them out.
Blessings, Anne!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hello. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I grew up in the great Denver Metro area, mostly west Denver and Lakewood and my mother and sister live in Centennial. Your home looks much like the home my parents lived in when I was small. Good memories. I love having plants around the house, and right now, I have quite a few. Some aren't doing great this winter. Maybe it's the cold dry air and limited sun. I love the quote from Maxine! So true. I hope you have a good week. I will be back to visit again soon!

Joyful said...

You're so right when you say that something always needs doing. I've lost track of how much has been done to my little apartment and the building at large since we moved in. I too have a very small kitchen so clutter is always staring at me despite best efforts to contain it all. I also have a much loved Kitchen Aid. I think it's my most treasured of the appliances even though it isn't used as frequently as some others.

Nancy Chan said...

Our house does need some repair every now and then. Recently, there is a roof leak and the leak stained our toilet walls. Hopefully, hubby managed to seal the leak. The 2nd bedroom window needs a new mosquito netting to replace the torn one. I am more the orderly person who only place needy items on the counter while hubby is the type that will leave his things all over the place. After many year, I have learn to bear with the clutters in our house. Lol! Just keep on eye open and one eye close. Our house is a small one, single storey.

Susan said...

Thanks for your visit to Writing Straight from the Heart, Anne. It's always great when I see you have visited. Please accept my late but still heartfelt condolences over Roger's death. My heart breaks for your daughter, you, and all your family. It is never easy to say our earthly goodbyes to those we love.
I lost my husband of 45 years in July of 2020 and life has never been the same since.
Today's post on home was bittersweet to me because I sold our lovely home in November of last year and have been bouncing around since. I honestly need a place to call my own again but real estate is horribly expensive here. I know a solution will be found but have no idea what or when. Anyway, take care and know that I love your posts. Your emphasis on laughter is great. We all need to laugh!

Pam said...

Hello, thanks for coming by the blog. I saw this post on Pam's blog and I wrote up a post answering the questions. Comes out tomorrow.

Kirstin said...

ooohhh a plant room would be fun!!!

R's Rue said...

Have a beautiful day.