Monday, August 24, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

1. I thought about this post for a long while. Our youngest son had a small birthday celebration on Saturday. So I am very thankful for my phamily. My husband, my five children, my six grandchildren and my ten great grands.

2. I am thankful for friendships that outlast the first moments we became friends. My friend Carole lost her precious mom this morning. Betty had been in hospice care since April 2020 at home with her youngest daughter Jene. Betty would have turned 95 this coming SONday. Ah....but God often has a different plan for each one of us. My heart aches for Betty's four daughters and the grandchildren and greats. The phamily will be at an earthly loss. But you have to remember God's got this! His timing is perfect. Our timing is often selfish .If you pray, please pray for this phamily. Their mom served in the military. She often told her youngest daughter it was one of the happiest times in her life. She wore that US uniform proudly. She kept it clean and pressed in the front of her closet.
3. I am thankful for my faith. I do not speak for everyone but without faith I can not love God. I can not know Jesus and I will become part of the world I do not cherish when I do not walk upright in my faith. I am a sinful being. I know this. I see what is going on in our world. America thinks keep your eyes on America. Keep your eyes all over the world including your home.  I keep my eyes upward. I wait on Jesus. It is what I believe. Grateful God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit have seen me through too many losses, one too many surgeries. If I do not love God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit I become empty.
4. Kindness: Thankful for many kindnesses in our world. You can not spread kindness then spew hate. The two are like oil and gasoline. You can not mix them together and have something good. I hear a child is bullied at school. I see an abusive relationship. I can pray and I can be kind. No judgement necessary. Reserve judgement for GOD.  Taste your words always, before you use them. Make it a habit. It is hard but so worthwhile.

5. Garden tomatoes: We have 6 tomato plants. They are giving us the fruits of their labor. My hubby bought a black cherry tomato plant. It literally produces tiny plum color tomatoes. They are heavenly. I am so thankful. I found an old post from a farmer blogger. They can their tomatoes via their Instapot. Thankful for gardens
6. Thankful for gadgets and good appliances. The Instapot is a wonderful invention. Grateful for this.We have a Ninja blender/food processor/smoothie maker. This is another thankfulness in my life. I am saving for a new coffeemaker which brews a whole pot of coffee or a single cup all in one. I am a tea drinker. The hubby loves his coffee.
7. Thankful for my country. We all come from someplace. My ancestors came from Eastern Europe. I remember as a child my grandfather telling me how he loved America and would not return to his homeland. As I have researched my phamily roots, I understand why he left and why he would not return. I am never offended by the flag of other countries. I will not be offended by my own country either. Thankful to be an American. I know many who chose to become American citizens. The ones I Know are grateful and thankful to be here.
8. I am thankful for radios! As a kid my girlfriend and I would barrel down the road on our bikes with a transistor radio strapped to the handlebar. I think I really love radios because as a small girl, my mother told me she and her sisters would line up to dance with their father. He would turn on the radio and dance with each one of his daughters. It was a happy memory for my mom, who at age 13 lost her daddy and older brother in a mining accident at Victor, Colorado.Radios make you use your imagination. Listening to a baseball game on the radio is special to me. You can hear the crack of the bat, and at one time, the roar of the crowd. Television is so overrated and there is so much mindless junk on it these days. I love the radio. My friend Bea is 90 years young. She still listens to talk radio as she did when I first met her in 1983.
9.  Thankful for a deck of cards. My hubby is a master of the Gin Rummy card game. Last night I shocked him and beat him two games in a row! HaHa! But I am scared now, cause he will beat me good next time we play! It helps keep your mind fresh! We play lots of different card games and Gin Rummy is our favorite. Give us a hot cuppa tea and a desk of cards. I will warn you, my late FIL was a card cheat (wink wink) a trick my hubby inherited. (wink wink).
We don't use giant cards when we play, just a regular deck. But we sure love playing.
10. This is probably a made in China game.We have the memory game courtesy of the Amish in Western NY. Our game sits on a spinning pedestal. We love it because we met the maker of the game. You sure have to be on your toes to remember where these colorful pegs are. We bring the games out at most of our phamily gatherings. Even the young kids set down their phones to play.We are thankful for these type of games and also for our memories that we try to keep sharp.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I haven't heard of this game, despite frequenting several toy stores. I am quite sure I would fail miserably! YES, especially in this time, we need to concentrate on what we have to be thenkful for.

messymimi said...

Such a lovely list. May your friend who lost her mother and her whole family find comfort in the arms of the Savior.

Kristi said...

Lovely list! Family, friends, faith--so important. Thanks for joining us again this week. :-)

Mevely317 said...

Yours is such a good-looking phamily! Weren't those early transistor radios a hoot? My dad was so proud of his, & faithfully carried his in his metal lunch box. Mom even sewed a little felt pouch to protect it. I just know he'd be over the moon with modern technology.
Love coming over here for my daily dose of Goodwill. 💓

Pat B said...

That wooden memory game could really be a challenge, especially if someone spins the pedestal. HaHa
That radio resembles one my grandfather had. He kept it by his bed.
I don't think I have seen plum colored tomatoes.
Love "Taste your words always, before you use them."
Glad you linked up.