Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Happy Tuesday

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More phamily photos from CHRISTmas Eve and CHRISTmas Day 2021. Jaslin, who is now a college girl and her sister Alexis decorated Grandma Noelle's yummy sugar cookies, Jaslin in her leather pants and Rolling Stone T Shirt. With their cousin Ella. Love these girls! They make us so happy. We are so grateful they are part of our lives.

Oh Maxine, your analogies are something else! But I agree! That's  a great comparison. We all have those friends, I think! 

We are happy 2021 will wind down and we would like to see more happiness in 2022.  Being happy helps keep you healthy. Smiling uses less muscles than frowing plus there is the wrinkle thing. HaHaHa!

Being happy is something we all should strive for. It sure beats being negative and miserable. I worked with people, particularly women, who were so unhappy. I felt sorry for them. I think I was born happy. I know my mom was a happy soul and my maternal grandmother and best friend was blind and she was incredibly happy. I love being happy.

This makes me very happy! I love these words.

2021 had many losses. I think we all may have known people we lost. But happiness will come again. I believe it is similar to the waves in the ocean.  It will find you again, you can believe that!


Ginny Hartzler said...

This makes me think of that old movie "The Bluebird Of Happiness" It maybe has Elizabeth Taylor as a young child. Anyway, she hunted all over for the blurbird.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love this post, so full of happiness and joy! Yes, "happiness will come again". Sometimes we may find that hard to believe, but GOD. He knows our needs, especially our need for happiness and joy in our lives, and He is faithful to provide that for us if we are willing to accept it. Sometimes we just have to be willing... I enjoyed this so much. Have a Happy day and blessed New Year!

Sandee said...

Wonderful Christmas shots. The girls are beautiful too.

Love Maxine and she's right. She's always right.

I believe that being happy is great medicine.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a blessed day, my friend. Love and hugs. ♥

The Feminine Energy said...

I can find happiness on any given day of the week. It's all in perspective, isn't it... the glass half-full kind of thing. Happy 2022! ~Andrea xoxo

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Yes, Anne, happiness comes in waves, but if we allow the joy of Jesus to dwell in our hearts, we can get through all the low and high points in our lives.
Happy New Year!

messymimi said...

How i do love this happy post!

Annsterw said...

Love the rolling stones t-shirt - I have the exact same one!!!