Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Happy Tuesday, Tuesday 4, Kitchen Dreams

 Welcome to Tuesday 4. This is in memory of Toni Taddeo who hosted previously. Pamela selected the questions so I want to thank her and linked her blog here. I appreciate all the people who give their time and energy to these blog hops. THANKS Pamela!

1. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So tell us about your kitchen:

I have two windows in my kitchen. I like this one over the kitchen sink as it looks out on our backyard. when those naughty pups are barking at the new neighbors (in the Bermuda  triangle) annoying, barking dog, I can open my window and call them inside. Hanging on the right side of this photo is this cool gizmo my grandgirl Addy gave me for CHRISTmas one year. If we ever cover the back patio, I would love to hang it there as it moves with wind and is very pretty. Plus I think of her each time I am at my kitchen sink. My sweetheart of a husband Avery, like his late mom Rita, loves the color red. Thus the deep wine colored curtains. The kitchen is smaller and I would like white cabinets but these we brand new when we moved here 11 years ago Thanksgiving weekend 2010. They are the dark cherrywood. 

I love our kitchen table because we can gather around it, the five of us, here, and enjoy a meal together. I change the tablecloth to match the season or holiday and this one is a favorite of mine. Rebekah bought the two tier baskets that hold fruit and veggies. The tomatoes on the side are from our little garden. Grateful for that.

2. What is your favorite part of the kitchen?

My mother had this very famous portrait "The Gleaners" hanging in our living room. When we moved here, my husband had this canvas made for me from a reproduction of that portrait. I would have preferred to have my mother's copy of the painting, but that was not to be. It is very special to me for two reasons. My mother told me the story of the gleaners and reading my bible, one of my most favorite women was Ruth. She gleaned those field early in her new world after the loss of her husband and sons.. She followed her mother-in-law to this place. I think Ruth was a remarkable woman who loved God and had a strong and brave heart. 

NASB But Ruth said, "Do not plead with me to leave you nor turn my back from following you; for where you do, I will go,  and where you sleep, I will sleep. Your people shall be my people and your God, my God."  Ruth 1:16

I can sit at my kitchen table, drink a cup of tea and read my bible. I often glance up at that canvas and it fills my heart with many good memories from my childhood and the mother who was faithful and kind, who raised me.

2. If money were no object what would be your dream kitchen?

There was a blogger years ago, when I first started to blog, who had the most amazing kitchen. Her blog was called  Sugarpie Farmhouse. Her kitchen was so beautiful and she designed it. I would have a massive area for eating meals on special occasions with a crowd of loved ones. I would have a huge walk in pantry so I could store my collection of pots and pans, tea collectibles, canned goods, etc. there.  Tonya,  I know who helped design their 7000 square foot home on land in Kansas has so many great ideas too. Each one of their four children were able to design their own bedroom. The wonderful farming communities and the Mennonite men put up their framing in a simple and quick process. That home will withstand any wicked storms until the end of time.  I would just have a comfy and cozy kitchen with a roaring fireplace and lots of seating for anyone who wanted to stop by and visit. 

3. Tell us about a favorite memory from your kitchen , or  kitchen from your past, perhaps your mother's kitchen or your grandma's kitchen.

My very favorite memory is my mom rolling the dough to make noddles for chicken noddle soup and my sweet blind grandma cutting those strips of noodles with a sharp knife as if she could remember exactly how it was done before she lost her sight. Those noodles were cut in thin strips and the soup was always excellent because my mom and her mom put love into the work they did to make the soup. If I close my eyes, I can smell the different smells that came from that delicious soup. It will always be my most favorite kitchen memory.

4. If you could invite anyone in the wolrd (past or present) to come visit with you in your kitchen, who would it be, and why?'

My mom and my grandma. They will always be the two women that sacrificed so much for us. I would make soup with them and I know my grandma would be so happy to sit there cutting the strips of noodles for me. She was so smart, very kind, very compassionate . I would tell my mom to bake some of her light as a feather bread for us too. I think about them everyday and I miss them and look forward to being with them in heaven, hopeful someday soon.

When Harold, my husbands Canadian co worker was at his office he gave us this beautiful frame that holds a calendar . I think of Harold and Diane everytime we change the month. The frame matches our kitchen cabinets. They were so thoughtful.

I found this framed  hand stitched  Bless This Home at the thirft store when we moved her in 2010. It hangs above the door as you enter the kitchen from the backdoor. Happy! Happy Happy Tuesday!

Now I need to visit everyone who is participating in this today. Thank you everyone. 
Thank you Happy Tuesday - Sandee you are the best, a real kind hert and your share today made me laugh so hard!


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, I am so glad you shared these thoughts and memories with us today! You did exactly as I hoped people would do! Your memories of your grandmother and mother making the chicken noodle soup sounds so wonderful! I love that story. And I love the picture of the "Gleaners", and especially the Ruth story. That is one of my favorite stories in the Bible too. I had the song "Whither thou goest" sung at our wedding. I told my mother in law that it was really a song from a daughter in law to her mother in law, and that is how I felt about her. her middle name was Ruth. Yes, you touched on all the right chords in this post today. Thank you.

messymimi said...

Such happy memories, and a happy kitchen!

Nancy Chan said...

You have a beautiful kitchen with sweet memories. My kitchen is very small, just nice to cook in. Too small to accommodate a dining table, so we have a separate dining room. I do miss my mom's cooking.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I so enjoyed this tour of your kitchen, Anne, and the wonderful memories of your mother and grandmother that you shared here. As I told Pamela on her blog, I believe the kitchen is the heart of any home.

Sandee said...

Love your kitchen and love that it's where family and friends meet. Here too. Kitchens long ago where everyone went went they visited. I so remember. What a lovely post.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a blessed day, Anne. Love and hugs. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Well, whadda know? So glad you commented on my post yesterday, so I could click on your name and read this. For some reason, "My TaTa's Cottage" doesn't show up in my reader list. (I'm going to try adding it again.)

I love your sweet kitchen table! And that sweet tablecloth -- I want!!! Sure says a lot that the 5 of y'all gather together to eat. Most people don't do that anymore; as a matter of fact, except for holidays I've not done so since I was a teen.

Kathe W. said...

Lovely thoughts, words and memories! My favorite item is your 2 tiered basket! Next is your tablecloth! Have a happy day!