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Mollie was curled up with Loki because they run along the fence and bark with the ring leader neighbors Weimaraner. That dog is so annoying! They were tuckered out.


Love always right on!

Etymology of 'Bojon' is proud

To the Editor:

I very much appreciated yor srticle and and photos of the personalied car  license plates  last Sunday and I appreciated my good friend Dr. Jim Bergles , pride in his sLOVEnian ancestry. However, I believe that the spelling of the word 'Bojon'which were used in the articles were incorrect. Perhaps the following explanation will clarify the matter.

About a century ago, many sLOVEnianas, Croatians and Serbians left the Austro-Hungarian Empire to settle in America. They travelled first from Llubljana to Paris by train and then from Paris to New York by boat.  While awaiting the boat at the port of Le Havre , these perceptive sLOVEnians very often overheard the Parisians, who have superb taste,  repeatedly remark of these particular immigrants, "Quels beaux gens!"  (" What handsome people!")

Soon thereafter, these strikingly good-looking people arrived at Ellis Island and were questioned about their nationality. Instead of explaining that they were aubjects of his  Royal Imperial Highness Franze Joseph, Emperor of Austria and and Apostolic King if Hungary, these gorgeous pragmatists took the first of many liberties that thry soon were to appreciate and humbly accepted the aptly-chosen French term "beaux gens:. The immigration officails, ignorant of foreign languages , as too many Americans regrettably still are today, incorrectly spelled their nationality "Bojon" on their immigration documents.

Today these Slavic- Americans do not mind being called :beaux gens" at all because of their pride to their culture, a culture which is maintained by dedicated frateneral lodges and musical groups around this area.  But I am sure, like our our immigrant ancestors, these people take even greater pride, in calling themselves Americans in  a nation where so many cultures and languages can be learned and appreciated. 

John J. Kogovsek, President

Western Slovan Lodge No. 3 

The western Slovan Association 

A "Bojon" friend gave me this interesting article . James Bergles DDS is a retired dentist int he Pueblo area. He and my older middle sister Mary attended school together from the kindergarten. John J Kokovsek was my sophomore school year History teacher. He was not terribly fond of me as many times would ask me why I was not more like my brotherr, Ed?  I would always reply, I guess because I'm not him! which made him mad. I took many trips to the principals office only to be intercepted by Father Emmett who was our  school counselor. He took pity on me for being compared to my brother. So he never made me walk to the principals office. I always appreciated him for that. As for this story, I truly love it and always have appreciated knowing it existed. 



Martha Jane Orlando said...

I love this story you shared here, Anne! We can all use a little history lesson, especially in times where so many would like to erase it from our culture.

Sandee said...

Awww on the tired pups. It's hard to deal with an annoying dog all day. So cute.

Love the history lesson. It's a beautiful thing.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day, Anne. Love and hugs. ♥

The Feminine Energy said...

Exercise is good for dogs so that's wonderful your neighbor dog is there, to keep yours entertained. :-) ~Andrea xoxoxo

messymimi said...

What a fascinating history!